How to paint on glass ?

How to paint on glass ?

Gone are the days when mankind left his paintings only on rocks and walls.Now people are so stepped forward that attempt to capture the creativity and favorite name on anything that comes to hand.On paper, draw - the century before last, but the image on the glass - a new trend in the era of technology.How to paint on glass, to paintings were interesting and durable steel?

materials for painting on glass

turns out to paint on the glass is not very difficult to do.The main thing correctly to pick up a brush, paint and come up with original drawing.

Memorize that is needed for making art on glass objects.

  • Figure stencil or future picture.
  • contour drawing.
  • stained glass or acrylic paints.
  • special marker for drawing on glass.
  • paper copy.
  • Toothpick.
  • alcohol.
  • Thin or thick brush.

How to paint on glass

Before learning how to paint colors on the glass, you need to consider some important points.If you plan to paint on transparent glass, keep in mind that the image will be seen on both side


So, pre-think what you want to capture on the glass product.Draw your imagination on a blank sheet of paper.Then, transfer the pattern on the glass, or rather, first on carbon paper.Now prepared toothpick gently swipe every curve pattern marker.The circuit should be well dry and only then to gently wipe any excess alcohol traces of carbon paper.Alcohol still need to degrease the surface of the glass.Now came the turn to put on drawing paint - blue, silver or gold.Get not only as an artist but also as a designer.This means that the paint color should be in harmony with a touch of glass product that you are going to paint.

drawings in gouache on

glass To learn how to paint with gouache on glass, it is necessary to understand the following - pictures, caused this kind of paint washed off with plain water for a few minutes.Draw gouache very good and convenient, for example, on a window pane and on the eve of New Year holidays.Gouache particularly like to draw young children - these colors are safe and quickly erased.These colors perfectly executed various landscapes and still lifes, because creativity turns juicy, bright and dense.

Now very fashionable to draw pictures on the glass empty bottles.Gouache has many advantages over other paints.Since it is easier to work, and because if the figure suddenly fails, it can always be wiped with a damp cloth or rinse under running water.Figures on bottle convenient because gouache paint does not drip on the product, as smoothly and gently rests on the glass.Gouache dries quickly, and enjoy their creations can be very long.In addition, it is an independent art always nice to give a close and dear person.