How to make a hand for the doll ?

How to make a hand for the doll ?

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How to make your hands for a doll?

dolls made with their own hands, can be a wonderful gift for your child, original interior decoration, or a talisman.Its manufacturer - employment laborious, especially difficult to work out the fine details - such as the hands.In this article, we'll show you how to make a hand for the doll.

hands for a soft doll

hands for quite a soft doll can be made from conventional materials.You will need:

  • wire;
  • sintepon;
  • napkins;
  • thread;
  • electrical tape;
  • nylon stockings or tights.


These limbs are soft and able to keep in shape.For fingers we need 10 pieces of thin wire, the length of which will depend on the size of the hands, as well as 10 syntepon strips.

  1. syntepon strip and wire folded in half and connect with one another in the fold line.
  2. little to delay eyelet syntepon and begin to twist the wire until the end.
  3. now winding wire frame synthetic padding spiral.Due to the fact that the beginning of the strip, we
    inserted a wire into a loop, it will not slip.Now, with the ends of the thread zafiksiruytezafiksiruyte syntepon.The first finger ready.You need to do 10 of these.
  4. When the internal parts of the fingers are ready, proceed to the manufacture of hosiery gloves.Take two napkins and two pieces of stockings or pantyhose cut not from the toe part.
  5. stack them in a pile in the following way: cloth, fabric, cloth, napkin.On the contour of napkins cut the nylon.Stitched by a sewing machine on a stack of our circuit.
  6. Draw a pattern on paper and cut their hands.We put the pattern to one of the sides of napkins and encircle them.
  7. shallow stitched by machine stitching doll brush along the contour.A little retreat from the seam and cut them.
  8. wrenched hosiery gloves inside out.Each finger is inserted on the frame, made of wire and padding polyester.Spreads on their tissue and fix the ends of the wires together using a thread.
  9. Adding padding polyester on the outside and the inside of the hand.Pencil or fine brush evenly distribute it.
  10. For most hand taking a thicker wire, one end of the Bends in the ring.Electrical tape to fix the straight end of the brush.
  11. wrapped forearm and shoulder padding polyester, achieving the required volume.
  12. We stretch glove as far as possible and sew it on the edge.The missing portion of the "skin" of the case of the tubes are made of stockings / tights.Hemming it along the bottom edge and the top contractible.
  13. Select brush.Threads with a needle pierce right color at the base of the brush.Then, the needle is passed back (thread lies over the arms).Contractible yarn.Hand ready for attachment to the housing.

Hands of samozastyvayuschego plastic

Make hand puppet can be made of special plastic mass, which hardens in the air.To work you will need:

  • thin wire;
  • teip tape;
  • samozastyvayuschy plastic (LaDoll, for example);
  • clippers;
  • lacquer spray;
  • PVA glue;
  • synthetic brush.

Creating hand

  1. For one hand take 5 strips of wire and wrap them tightly start teip-tape.Doing it is not the entire length of the wire, but only in areas suspected of fingers and palms.
  2. going to prepare the wire bundle and in the intended fastening their wrists the same tape.
  3. Using pliers Palchikov attach the required length.
  4. teip-ribbon highlights areas palms.You have turned the hand skeleton.Making the second arm in the same way.
  5. promazyvayut frames with white glue and wait until it dries.Attach each finger the desired position.
  6. Dilute plastic until creamy state, and dip it in the blank.We wait complete drying, and dipped again.Repeat this procedure several times until the desired volume.
  7. With synthetic brushes continue to apply the plastic, forming small details.
  8. polishing brush with fine sandpaper and finish the job by wiping with a damp cloth handles.
  9. If you wish, you can paint the hands.In any case, the final chord should be processing them spray-paint.