How to draw gouache ?

How to draw gouache ?

Before answering the question of how to draw gouache, remember that although the paint are manufactured from the same materials that watercolor, unlike watercolors, she matt, dense, opaque.writing techniques in gouache although similar to writing techniques in watercolor, but have their own characteristics.

Before we dwell on them, remember that writing gouache paints need a very gouache, water, masking fluid, paper watercolor and gouache brushes, preferably with natural bristles.

gouache paints writing techniques

are several.The first is called "wet on dry".The name speaks for itself.You probably already guessed that with a wet brush gouache need to write on dry paper.This technique is especially good if you want to draw shapes with clear outlines, but wash out the color, on the other hand, it is not necessary.

next technique - disguise.Naturally, the question arises - what will disguise?A mask, we will place that should remain white.It is to them a layer of masking fluid that dries to form a

waterproof film.When the paint in places of application of the liquid dries, wipe it with a film.And in the picture appear clear white outlines.

Next - technique "wet on wet".Diluted with water more than usual paint is applied to the brush moistened paper.On top of the added paint too much diluted, but of a different tone.As a result, the paint will start to bleed, forming a bizarre shape.

Another technique - "sgraffito".It is characterized by speed.The paint to be applied in several layers, does not have time to dry.The uppermost layer at the end of the work needed scratching the tip of the knife or a sharpened stick.Scratched needed so that the lower layer of the tread.This technique is good for creating textured paintings.

Finally, spraying equipment.For it will need a little paint brush, certainly new.Brush dipped in paint, then hair is pulled back and released.As a result, paper bryzgti nice appearing in different directions.

How to draw flowers gouache

Flowers are particularly fond of portraying children.Before you start painting gouache paint, which should be prepared in advance, it is necessary to make a pencil sketch.Then paint mixed on a palette.Good preredayut transparent white color.With their help, you can send and fading colors.

If paint children, then adults should pay their attention to the fact that the places where the light falls on the pitch will be lighter and, on the contrary, they are in the shade darker.And yet - the contours of the petals is not necessary to allocate a different color, especially black.

How to draw a landscape gouache

If you draw a landscape, remember that the paint can be applied to any brush, and even a palette knife - the benefit that gouache, unlike oil, dries quickly.

And one more rule: the landscape is better to draw from nature.First, in broad strokes applied to background, then the firm is a pencil sketch.The first in a landscape drawn sky and clouds.The composition must be carefully considered: that in the front, that link together in the background, how these plans.And at the very end of the drawn small parts, which used different quality brushes, bristle diameter.