How to make a airplane ?

How to make a airplane ?

In this article I will tell you how to make a good airplane - and not out of paper, but a real radio-controlled, which will fly.As for how to make a paper airplane from then on our site have a great article on this topic: "How to make paper airplanes."We talk about creating your own radio-controlled model aircraft, as a connoisseur of aeronautical engineering will always prefer a model made with their own hands, the purchase option.

How to make your own hands airplane

For starters let's talk about what tools and materials we need to manufacture a good radio-controlled airplane.Of course, first you need to buy special equipment and radio electronics.Today, it can be easily done directly on the internet - through specialized online stores that equipment is available for every taste and budget.In addition to the equipment we need:

  • finished drawing our airplane models (available online);
  • sandpaper;
  • colored adhesive tape;
  • wooden and metal measuring ruler;
  • knife (fit and stationery);
  • special glue (best to use the "Titan" glue);
  • trehmillimetrovaya plywood;
  • ceiling tile (preferably without drawing).

And, of course, it is advisable to stock some of my knowledge of aviation terminology, which is suitable as a special literature, and good flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator type (civil aviation) or IL-2 Sturmovik (according to the old militaryaircraft), where in the mode of learning you all the detail and clear talk about the device and aircraft, and maneuvers that they do.Well - we proceed directly to the manufacturing process model.

How to make a flying airplane

To begin paste the airplane model drawing on the ceiling tile with respect to the direction of fiber material, which is easy to figure out, slightly bent tiles in one direction or another.To make a fast airplane, the details are best positioned precisely along the fiber material.Now glue the wings and fuselage of the two layers of ceiling tiles.It should be inserted between the halves of a wooden ruler, cut in half.Next you need to make a cut-out for the electric motor of the aircraft.Cut do in front of the fuselage, strengthening this part of plywood overlays.Once one layer of plywood tiles produce stabilizer and fin, cut out as the elevator and rudder.Now we glue the tape parts so that the control surfaces were free to deviate in relation to the horizontal tail.Further in the direction of the elevators and paste it management brackets.Then glue together parts of the aircraft and papered the entire airplane colored tape.Scotch better glue lap - approximately half a centimeter.

How to make a super-airplane: management

The last step is to install the electronics and the engine and testing the model.Here you need to pay close attention to the battery installation.It must be set so that the center of gravity of our aircraft in the forward part of the wings - or more precisely, to the point corresponding to the distance from the front edge of the wing on the third part of its chord.After all systems installed, proceed to test the model.To properly make the airplane, in any case can not skip this step.First you need to see how the plane will behave with the engine off.It is important to monitor the airplane moments planning to, in which case, adjust the position of the battery pack, moving it slightly forward or back a little.If the aircraft is reduced gradually, then everything is in order, and you're ready to fly with the engine running already.

Other methods for making models

If you do not want to make a radio-controlled model, make the above-described conventional technology model airplane that can fly well and smoothly decline when starting from a certain height.Also do not forget that in the stores today, a huge number of bonded plastic and even metal models of planes and helicopters, which will serve as a wonderful decoration of your home.This activity is for connoisseurs of beautiful models.In addition, the model can be cut out of wood and paint.The mass of options - just need to show a little imagination, and succeed.