How to learn how to draw a pencil ?

How to learn how to draw a pencil ?

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How to learn how to draw a pencil?

Simple pencil - a great tool if you just want to learn to paint or if your knowledge of drawing is average.Painted still lifes from nature - that have tried to do everything.Of course, talent is very important in this matter.After all artists are not born.The artist, a vocation.Between painting and the talent of the artist - the gulf that can not jump over those who devoid of talent.However, you should only want to say to yourself, rather than "can not" and can develop the ability and good progress in drawing.

draw to some extent able to all people.In this article we will talk about how to improve their technique, how to learn to paint from nature, drawn parts, in general, how to learn to draw with a pencil.

The first thing that you need to paint, in addition to their own hands, this material.Get the album with dense snow-white sheets and a set of simple pencils of varying degrees of hardness and softness.The fact that the drawing in

pencil, as you know, will appear in the same color and to draw the shade well, you must have at least five pencils.Also, please be eraser and sharpener, not to be distracted from the process, and always have the opportunity to correct and sharpen the pencil drawing.

How to work with paper

Talking about how to draw a pencil on paper, it should be noted that it is necessary to draw step by step.The phased, gradual drawing method is most suitable for beginners.Also, the method allows to avoid errors in the technique of drawing.The first circuit is drawn lightly, do not click on the pencil.The line should be barely noticeable, then to delete it, but technically correct, because the first loop basis of all drawing.Take a few circuits, the latter can be made fatter.Rubbings carefully observe the direction of the lines, their location and distance from each other.It is very important, good and right to make a sketch!Do not think that no matter how you drew the first line, in the process to fix it.This is not true!In the future, drawing only bend and one line can distort the whole picture.

If you feel that you are drawing correctly, hold the image in the mirror.It will reflect all the flaws.Most likely, you will notice them.In this case, before the draw, we advise you to practice to draw the oval and round shapes, just to get the hand, feel the pencil.In such a case, how to draw a pencil drawings will only practice, perseverance and the ability to learning.


Now, on a particular subject, we will tell you how to draw nature.To draw a good nature, it should be good to see.More precisely, have the ability to transfer to the paper, not only the image, but also feelings.Let us consider how to draw a tree, which will certainly be on any figure with nature.Draw a barrel mark surface, which is then converted into an image of the earth.When drawn foliage, think about what time of year and the weather, you portray.Not to get so that you painted green lush tree near frozen winter pond.Draw branches start from the bottom, from the trunk of a tree, drawn adjacent branches, apply light construction lines, rhythmic axis.Then mark the entire silhouette of the crown.First, draw the visible features of the branches, then leaves.By shading and tinting, the tree should be given the volume and display the shadow on the ground and foliage.At the end of the drawing figure compare with nature, to understand the integrity of the composition.You may have forgotten some detail or too carefully drawn something.


person may possess the art of drawing, you will help the video.How to draw a pencil or that the image is probably better to view live or through video tutorials, to have an idea of ​​what makes an artist, what movements, causing strokes pattern.Perhaps the most difficult element that difficult to transfer to the paper - is a human image.First, remember that you need to paint, rather than make copies.The original is given to you to know what it looks like an object or a person.By applying the talent and imagination, you will get for it is only a plus.And so, draw a circle, then Draw from it an elongated oval.As you understand, this is a person's face.Divide in half oval, symmetrical.On either side of the line you want to draw the eye.Make a sketch of the jawline, nose and lip line.Draw two lines, which represent the nose.The width between the lines should be equal to the width of the eye.In this figure the main technical proportionality.Divide the distance between the chin and nose to 4 equal parts.Between the second and third line, draw a mouth.Next, draw the ears and hair.To technically image looked harmoniously, you must use the exact distance that can be vymeryat through the use of mathematical laws.But this requires not only the desire to learn how to draw, but knowledge in the exact sciences.


How to Draw in pencil landscape?Nature - one of the most difficult styles in drawing.In order to draw buildings, roads, towns, you will need a lot of experience.We'll show you one of the most simple image - the city.The city, which we describe, we can draw a simple pencil and a ruler.Most people, when the word town is currently a line of high-rise buildings, low vegetation, houses and various buildings.That's what we'll draw.Take a ruler and make a sketch of high-rises, just bars.Then draw them voluminous, do panel, side windows.Under line, calculate how many centimeters will occupy one floor, spread evenly the length of the whole house from floor to floor.Think about how to spread the shade.

latter that we highlight is that you need to do when you draw and what mistakes can not be tolerated.Always:

  • apply light line, barely visible, do not press on
  • pencil does not depict objects with hard edges in the final drawing the erase and draw more smoothly, that there was no sense of "insert", the remoteness of the composition
  • draw a sharp pencil
  • clean paper after each stroke


  • Do not use feather his fingers, for this there is graphite.
  • Do not put your hands on your paper.Work carefully.
  • Purchase a soft eraser to erase the image.Hard eraser can spoil the drawing, crumple the paper.
  • Feel that you draw.It is important to understand that you put on paper.Figure in some degree a reflection of your thoughts.

I think that with our instructions, draw pencil drawings you will be much easier, and you can not just draw pictures, you can spice up your image, which will be not ashamed to show for all to see.Remember that in any case the main thing and persistence, possessing these qualities, you will always achieve the desired goal.