How to draw a pencil ?

How to draw a pencil ?

you have opened a new desire - to learn how to draw a pencil.Today we tell about exactly how to draw a pencil, and at the same time show streaking technique, explain what paper is best to use at first.

hold a pencil correctly

In fact, if you learn how to hold a pencil, not like how the pen is held with the letter and the line you will come out a much more smooth and beautiful.I repeat the word "learn".We must develop the habit of just how to hold a pencil, and then learn how to draw a pencil.

right?How is it?Quite simply, it is necessary to take a pencil and put it on his palm.Then gently press the thumb.By and large, that's all science.In other fingers need a little bit to hold a pencil, not to give him to move while drawing.But we can not strongly clamp the pencil, or simply hand gets tired quickly and the line will be crooked.

Panacea would be that you have an easel.Then it is necessary to fix it on paper, perpendicular to the floor, vertically.As we all understand, easel - a rare thing in

everyday life, so you can do a piece of fiberboard.Fix the sheet can be a pushpin.When

spend straight lines, be careful to not move your hand at the wrist.It should work on the shoulder completely.If you can not work it out, then smooth arc will be obtained instead of straight lines.Work out is very simple.Take a sheet of paper and draw the line in different directions.The sheet thus can not twist!Do not strain your hand, draw with ease.Do not press down on the paper, do not squeeze a pencil.It usually takes several days.

If you need to conduct an arcuate line, on the other hand, technology is changing.The hand must work at the elbow and the wrist according to the magnitude of the arc.Imagine the size of it to think for the eye and draw a conclusion that the taking of the center of the circle - the elbow or wrist.Then, spend the necessary arc without moving his hand.Do not touch the sheet by hand!Nothing but the pencil must not touch the paper.Pencil smeared trail, remember.

And as promised, shading techniques below.

techniques streaking

For the first time, to understand how to draw a pencil or a hatch, you will know enough about the four methods hatch.

We need 4 pencil (hard-soft, hard, soft, soft, double) and a white paper medium density.In this paper, easy to work and to evaluate the methods of shading colors, great colors go from light gray to jet-black.

  1. Solid-soft pencil, arbitrary shading.Allowing his hand to "dance" on the paper in any direction.Hold the pen firmly, but do not overdo it, preferably close to the sharpened end.It is also constantly changing the direction of the strokes.Hatch will look lively enough, clearly.
  2. Spot hatching.Suitable for pencil double soft and hard.Firm hold a pencil, draw on a piece of paper wrist and knock on the slate surface.Tinting is done by several methods: density adjustment points, a change of a pencil or pressing force.
  3. soft pencil, dense hatching.We need a wide scope.Take a pencil higher, we do not rely on the paper by hand.If hard, then lightly touch the knuckles as possible.
  4. Solid-soft pencil, a curved hatch.This technique can hardly be called indiscriminate.Ideal for three-dimensional objects.Rely on paper by hand, brought under the curves of your object.Toning, starting with dark, go to the light.

you see how easy it is to draw a pencil correctly.Good luck in your endeavors!