How to make shoes for Barbie ?

How to make shoes for Barbie ?

Fashion is always very diverse.Not an exception and fashion dolls.For many years, Barbie continues to conquer the hearts of children.Its popularity is due not only beauty, but also the fact that you can dress up in fancy clothes and decorate various accessories.

Prepare materials

an integral part of the wardrobe of Barbie shoes are.Of course, they can easily be bought in any children's store, but it is much better to show all their imagination and create their own unique doll shoes.You only need to learn how to make shoes for Barbie.So, clearly present in the mind, what kind of shoes you want to see on your doll, you can begin to embody this idea.For the manufacture of shoes will require quite a bit of materials: leather, cardboard, thread, glue, scissors, and beads, rhinestones and other embellishments for shoes.In addition, it is necessary to arm and lots of patience, because the shoes to make such a tiny size - it is very laborious.

Make sole and heel

primarily by making any shoes for Barb

ie dolls, you must decide outsole is made of any material.The best option is to manufacture it out of cardboard pasted over artificial leather or fabric, is also well suited and cork.Of course, any stylish shoes can not do without heels.Therefore, in the manufacture of new obuvki for Barbie, should ensure that shoes heels.To produce them is very simple.It is enough to cut the desired size of two identical segment of the pen or by Chinese chopsticks.

We produce top for

shoes to create top shoes fit almost any material.If you want to make a beautiful elegant sandals, top enough to glue the soles light satin ribbon.If your intention is to create a bold causing shoes should make the top of the skin black or red.And for the production of the original house slippers, the top is made of cloth.Secure on foot doll new shoes, you can use a thin strip of tissue.And if strung on a string of beads, you get a very elegant and stylish tie.There is another way to do shoes for Barbie with her hands.They can easily be connected both with needles and crochet.In this case, shoes and the top, and sole are made of threads.It is worth noting that the knitting - it's a great way for her to make Barbie pink shoes.Simply select in their bright pink knitting yarn.And in order to decorate them perfectly suited rhinestones, buttons and even small beads.