The better to draw?

The better to draw?

Often, being in the power of stereotypes, we are not even aware of their talents, including art.Of course, artists are only a select few.But learn how to draw each capable.If you decide, the question arises: what better draw?

In the beginning

Any drawing technique can not be called simple.But better to start with a pencil, ie. Additional materials (brushes, palettes, and so on. D.) Are not required to..

And how better to draw a pencil?Pencil in Turkic - "black stone".It is inserted into a frame (wooden, plastic) Rod made of graphite - a pencil, coal - coal, dry paints - color.

Pencils are used for sketching, drawing, performing sketches.Traces left by graphite can erase eraser.That is what attracts novices studying painting.

Colored pencils

Everyone starts in childhood with crayons.But this technique has a number of features.

Colored pencils are best suited for small images.Images of large format do not look very good.Due to the transparency of the colors can be difficult to achieve juicy

shades.But the imposition of multiple colors, you can achieve sophisticated color solutions.

Color pencil eraser erased bad, so better to perform simple sketches.Starting with the work should be light shades, gradually achieving the color saturation.


French word "gouache" comes from the Italian guazzo - «Water-based paint."Called gouache and ink, and the technique of painting.

When asked what colors to paint better?- Many will answer: gouache.These paints are inexpensive, easy to use.They quickly dry, well diluted with water.Through the haze, and density make it possible to correct mistakes, especially newcomers appreciate.

When using gouache can not apply thick layers, t. To. The paint will crack.Gouache is interesting because it can draw on paper and on canvas, plywood, fabric, cardboard.

Watercolor Drawings watercolor different transparency, ease, and combine the advantages of graphics and painting of shades of wealth.Watercolors are school and professional.

Translated from the French word meaning "watery", t. To. Requires dilution with water.Watercolor can be written on a pre-moistened paper.Then turn the special blurred brushstrokes.And it is possible and on a dry sheet, drying the previous layer.

oil painting

Painting, oil paints - the foundation of any museum collection.Oil painting is well preserved thanks to the resistance of paints.They are made from pigments, oils, linseed more.Oil can be written on the primed canvas, cardboard, wood.Primed canvas you can buy or make your own using PVA glue.

Learn to paint in oils is difficult because a lot of strokes blending techniques.And the cost is more expensive: in addition to paints and canvas require different brushes, a palette, solvent, sponge, spray coating operation.

Drawing in computer programs

For those who are afraid of the complexity of working with colors, you can suggest to try to force in the computer art.Now developed a number of programs.

Which program is better to draw?Newcomers better to start with a simple Paint program.Its development on forces even children.For the little ones there is a Tux Paint.Popular as Photoshop, Creature House Expression, Art weaver, Art Rage, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and others.

All of them have their own specifics, but the main advantage of computer drawing that you can use all the techniques of drawing, painting, different toolswithout departing from the monitor.

Knowing about the features of different types of creativity, is much easier to choose the better to paint for you.