How to weave from the newspapers ?

How to weave from the newspapers ?

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How to weave from the newspapers?

Wicker baskets, boxes, jewelry boxes - it is always a great and functional interior decoration.Stand wicker things are very cheap, but you always have the opportunity to learn how to create these objects with their hands.

Getting Started

For creativity you need:

  • cardboard box, which will become a subsidiary framework for future baskets;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • brush;
  • line;
  • pencil;
  • clothespins;
  • newspaper;
  • 2 cardboard for the base;
  • spoke (barbecue wooden stick).

Making tubes of newspaper

Regardless of how and what you will weave from newspapers, diy, we need the "building material" - a special tube, twisted sheets of newspaper.To do this:

  1. Take one page of the newspaper.
  2. Longitudinal section divide the sheet into two halves.
  3. Take the needle for barbecue, place it on a corner of the newspaper and carefully, most densely begin to twist the tube.Note that one end you have to be already another.
  4. tip papers secure with glue.
  5. Remove the tube from the spokes.

Similarly prepare the other elements.

Bonding basics basket

  1. Now take the previously prepared cardboard for the bottom basket of the future.It should be a little more on the area of ​​the box, which will be the frame for weaving.
  2. You will need to stick to the basis of the first newspaper tube.To do this, using a ruler and pencil on cardboard mark the equidistant line.Now promazhte edge of cardboard with glue and attach precisely along the lines of the tube - will be enough to capture 5 cm.In the corners stick to 2 parallel tubes.Secure all parts clothespins, allow adhesive "grab".
  3. Remove the clothespins and glue on top of the second piece of cardboard, fastened to the drying product clothespins.Done!


now show how to weave baskets from newspapers in the simplest way.

  1. Put the finished foundation supporting box.
  2. first series we form simply bending each tube for the next.At the top tube for easy anchoring on the box all the same pegs.
  3. Now glue the additional tube and begin to weave classical method - alternately holding the tube from the top, from the bottom of the next.
  4. When the tube end, escalate it to another, simply by inserting it over the narrow end of the tube in the ending.
  5. As weaving align rows, to avoid unsightly gaps.

When you weave basket desired height, you will need to correctly complete the weaving.To do this:

  1. Remove the clothespins with the box, freeing the vertical tubes.
  2. Each tube for the next bend, and bring out.
  3. Keeping the order of weaving, draw tubes inside, threading them between the already woven Circuits.
  4. Now you can either just cut the tube at an acute angle, a first vertically (downward) to hold them on the inside in a couple of woven series, and then to cut.

The finished product can be coated with a colored acrylic paint in several layers (then there will appear a newspaper print) or first apply water-based or acrylic paint, and then to walk on top of the transparent lacquer (in this case, the font will not be visible).

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