How to make lure ?

How to make lure ?

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How to make lure?

Modern stores for hunting and fishing offer an abundance of all kinds of lures: it is plastic or foam rubber fish, metal lures and jig.However, to make a lure that will qualitatively fulfill its primary purpose - to attract the attention of fish - and perhaps their own hands.At the same time it can work better than expensive store gear.

main objective of any bait - mimic the appearance and behavior of a living organism that feeds on one or the other fish.Therefore, manufacture a spinner, must be considered, it will be used for any type of fish.

How do trolling spoons of

The simplest lure - spoon-spoons.It can easily be manufactured from aluminum or steel tablespoons.Most anglers agree that this is not the best bait to catch fish, but to lose a spoon and is not sorry.

You will need:

  • spoon;
  • hacksaw;
  • drill with a drill.

To make the lure perform the following steps:

  1. Cut the handle of a spoon, gently bend it in about one-third
    from the end.
  2. With saws to make curved surfaces future spinners shallow cuts.They need to lure better reflect light under water.
  3. Posverlite two holes on the edges of a spinner.
  4. Firmly tie the bait to a fishing line fishing rod.

How to lure the chopper-

Unlike other fishing lures, spinner is not like a stern object fish.This is explained by the effectiveness of such lures or characteristic sounds of a turntable, or just unusual appearance.Externally spinner bait has nothing to do with wind spinner made of paper, production of which is described in our article - How to make a turntable.The name of the bait due to the fact that it is attached to only one edge of the fishing line, and thus will pivot in water.

Turntables usually take the form of drops or a rhombus.

To do this you need to bait:

  1. Take a plate of copper, nickel silver or brass.
  2. Cut workpiece teardrop or diamond shaped.
  3. Ball bearing on a large piece of lead to make a hole.
  4. Put the workpiece into the recess and press down the ball so that the lure has got a spherical surface.
  5. hammer to tap a little turntable, making harvesting more flat.Leave only a small dent.
  6. Polish the spoon, drill a hole and tie the water meter to the line.

How do spinner-baits

Wobblers - a bait for a predatory fish.Well caught her pike and perch.Usually attached to such spinners spinning rods.For the manufacture of spinners used wood, plastic, or solid foam.Deciding to make a wooden lure, choose a dense wood easily workable.Perfect beech, apple, walnut or linden.

Here's what you need for making a wobbler:

  • block of wood;
  • hacksaw on a tree;
  • piece of hard plastic:
  • a sharp knife;
  • vise;
  • glue;
  • loops of wire
  • sandpaper;
  • drill with a drill 6;
  • paint (watercolor possible);
  • varnish.

Instructions manufacture:

  1. Cut off from the bar of about 9 cm blank, grind it to a tetrahedron.
  2. On one of the faces, draw the shape of fish (you can take a wobbler purchased instead of curves).
  3. Cut with a sharp knife painted lure, giving it a rounded shape, carefully treat roughness using fine sandpaper.
  4. In place of the mouth "fish" necessary to make a deep, horizontally propyl (plastic blade is inserted into it).Be careful: if the blade is affixed crookedly baits at throwing will enter into a tailspin and fix this shortcoming can only change the blade.
  5. Clamp the workpiece in the grip of "belly" up and take along a wobbler deep propyl.The preferred first deep saw through from the "head" and "tail", and then align the groove in the middle.
  6. Cut plastic oval with a hacksaw for metal, heat the blade blank over the fire and gently bend it in half.
  7. Sand the groove under the blade.
  8. Glue the blade into the groove.
  9. remains bright paint fish paste and three loops, for which the lure is tied to the scaffold.

can also produce lure-fishing tackle.Description of the process of creating such a bait read our article - How to make a jig.