How do zherlitsy ?

How do zherlitsy ?

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How do zherlitsy?

The onset of winter many fishermen decide to go ice fishing, becausethis time - one of the best for catching predatory fish.Ways of fishing, in general, sufficient, but many enjoy the winter zherlitsy.This tackle for catching of predatory fish is the most convenient and effective.

Buy this gear can be in any store for fishing.But winter zherlitsy has one obvious disadvantage base gear is made of plastic.And when frosts, plastic can crack and break.Of course, in this case, it makes sense to buy additional items, but you can think about how to make their own hands zherlitsy.This process is not very difficult, and almost every fisherman will be able to carry it out.

If catching homemade zherlitsy have a number of advantages.So, losing or breaking any item, you can easily replace it without spending a lot of time and money.The process of how to make winter zherlitsy, consists of several stages and special equipment.

manufacturing process

  • best material for the base sheet is zherlitsy PCB.This is the most suitable material for how to make zherlitsy, other materials are unlikely to fit.For PCB and frost does not crack even from extreme cold.
  • Another essential quality of this material is its strength.Even stepping on the base zherlitsy made of PCB, it will not break.So, the base can sustain the weight of absolutely any.pad can be any shape, not only circular.Even better, if you cut a square base.The sharp edge of the base with massive cut with scissors.
  • initial stage of how to make zherlitsy is working on its base.To thread the fishing line, make a slit in the bottom of one of the corners to the middle.Because prefab wooden boards cut the bar.This strap makes the deepening of a file or other suitable tool.This recess set foot for fixing the coil.Planck is located on the opposite corner of the base before the start of the slot and fixed with two screws.
  • leg to secure the coils can be made from scraps of metal profiles or galvanized metal.Pruning profile cut with scissors for metal and bend the corner of 1 cm for further insertion into the wooden bar.The top of the feet to make the opening of the coil, where the coil is mounted.
  • coil zherlitsy use conventional coil from which the frame and remove the nut.To scaffold is not confused by sudden jerks fish, before the coil is fastened on a screw put foam.After that, the nut screwed coil itself, which now will not create a so-called when scrolling"Beards" and confused the line.This is quite an important point, becauseit is better to take care of this problem, than to shoot every time, or replace the line in the coil.
  • For zherlitsy box is usually made of metal strips, such as those that are inserted into the cap.With such a strip sides thereof make a bend, it will flag a base by which it is fastened to the wooden plate.On the opposite end of the strip is fixed red flag of dense matter.Bend the base of the flag should be sufficiently bent so that it was fixed tightly.

to equip

Requirements Normally such equipment gear as winter zherlitsy, quite standard.The main line was taken 10-20 m and a diameter of 0.25-0.35 mm.The best sinker to tackle should have a weight of 5-15 g If the pond for a sufficient force, the sinker you can use more weight.

Leashes are commonly used metal, especially for pike fishing.Although more gain popularity fluorcharbonated tungsten and leashes, and you can use them.method of knitting leash double the fishing line is also used.On a fishing line attached single, double or triple hook.These methods precautions are made in order to, if one of the lines harm fish, extract the predator could be using the second fishing line.