How do zakidushku ?

How do zakidushku ?

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How do zakidushku?

Bottom fishing rod (or as it is popularly called, "zakidushka") - quite effective for successful fishing tackle at a considerable distance from the shore.It is used most often to catch fish, which lives mainly on the bottom of the pond.But often in specialized shops or they are very expensive or simply not available on the market.

learn how to make their own zakidushku, we describe in this article.

indispensable tackle

zakidushka - one of the best fishing rods for fishing.For the fishing of certain species of fish - simply irreplaceable thing: big catfish or bream, pike-perch or float rod is unlikely to extract.Therefore, we acquire the necessary equipment to store and produce zakidushku fishing with his hands.


zakidushka consists of a small (up to 1.5 m) rods, alarm bites, the main line, which is wound on a spool (or inertial inertialess), sinkers and leashes from the hooks.Previously, instead of using rod and reel reel:

a narrow strong slate on which fishing line and wound.A cast zakidushka manually.Instead, nod-use alarm bell, notifying of biting his ringing.

modern design

buy or produce their own hands a small folding rod with a nod at the end.Some modern fishermen prefer to take a ready-made spinning rod.Attach it to the coil (better to take inertialess).On the coil pulls the 50 to 100 meters of fishing line, 0.3 mm in diameter and larger, whichever weight of fish you want to catch.Skipping the line through the rod rings and a nod.At the end of the gear secure cargo weighing from 50 to 100 grams.This zakidushka should have several leashes (generally two to five).The line is used for leashes thinner.Leads are attached to the main line using dope, or loops, knots, or - as you like.Best of all, if the leashes are removable.Hooks are selected according to use bait.That's it: you can tackle ready to take on a fishing trip.

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