How to make a winter bait ?

How to make a winter bait ?

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How do winter fishing rod?

Fans of ice fishing is extremely necessary winter fishing rod.It is quite compact and is very light.Its main advantage - it is true matched the center of gravity and convenient preroll fishing line.She fishing through the ice cut through it well.

Making winter bait

consider how to make winter fishing rod.

  1. Materials:
    • whip rods;
    • thin-walled metal tube diameter 5-7mm, which should coincide with the butt end whip, and the length of 50mm;
    • plastic or dense foam sheet 100 by 10 mm and a thickness of 10mm;
    • empty reel from the fishing line, which accommodates 30metrov or small provodochnaya coil of plastic without attachment to the rod.
  2. Tools:
    • thin pen or pencil;
    • compasses;
    • line;
    • glue "Moment";
    • sharp knife.

consider in detail the process of how to make home-made winter fishing rod.

  1. markup for manufacturing

    handle housing Circle coil circuit as follows: attach the coil to the workpiece near one of the corners and drag it to the

    symmetrical distance from the edges, about 2 centimeters.Cut, straighten and grind the edge of the circle you have received sandpaper.The coil must pass through the hole with a little tension.Then draw the contours of the body in the form of drops.Do not need to cut out a through-hole, if you use a coil of fishing line, it is glued on top of the housing or in a recess.

  2. Set

    whip whip for winter fishing rods need to prepare in advance.To do this, drill a hole for the tube housing, where you set the whip.If the plastic is thin, it is necessary to glue on the cone body further layer.The housing body Glue tube.When the glue is dry, insert the whip again and secure with glue.

  3. Install the nod at the end of the whip.To make his own need braided polyester, a polymer plate or spent spring of hours, as it can be bought ready-made.Mounting nod consists of several tubing, but it still depends on its design.

How to make winter float rod

There are certain conditions that affect the fishing rod design in the winter fishing period.When you're ready, you can make your own hands all the elements for a given fishing rods.


  • hook;
  • sinker;
  • wood, plastic or foam;
  • vinyl liner, bamboo and juniper;
  • Zhilkova the hair or wood..
  1. On average, the length of the rod should be 30-40 cm Rod has a number of characteristics: strength, flexibility and lightness that can be achieved with the right choice of material for the whip.To produce the best whip to take juniper or bamboo, fit and vinyl liner.To make the handle, take the wood or cork, foam or plastic.
  2. Selecting scaffold without significance.For winter Fish may best suit the hair or Zhilkova fishing line, because they are flexible and do not freeze together with ice.The length of the fishing line should be between 12 to 15 meters, the thickness of 0.1 to 0.2 mm.Other sizes are not better fishing effect.Attach the loop on the edge of her whip.
  3. float should be light, typical of winter.Fabricate it from light plastic, wood or cork bark.It is dyed float rings throughout the length of bright paint.So that your float is not frozen to the ice surface, flush it with the help of a sinker.
  4. Choose the weight of the load so that the float is immersed in water for 2-3 cm, and the line was not stretched in the string.
  5. Hook take very resilient and sharp.Come to the choice carefully, he must bend, but not break.Select the size of the hook, depending on the nozzle: fry, bloodworms, crumb.
  6. Now you know how to do winter fishing rod, and who, if not you know, do not pull the fish out of the pond easily.With good winter fishing rod will bring you only pleasure.

How to make a nod

consider how to make a nod for winter fishing rod.You will need to do:

  • strips of metal;
  • polyester;
  • plastic;
  • steel wire;
  • rubber nipple tube;
  • different springs;
  • bristles.
  1. nod spring.
    make such nods without much difficulty.The angler should always have a sufficient set of nods.Nods are made of wire of different diameter.Made of twisted wires of different diameters as a spring, allows the nod to use different lures on weight.This design enables the use of bait with fry replanting.When making a nod from soft, lightweight and thin spring, you can use different sizes mormyshkami.
  2. nod of the steel strip.

    most common design.This strip of springy in only one direction - vertically.This eliminates deflection and allows to detect any touch of the fish to the bait

  3. changing the length of the strip, it is possible to achieve the necessary rigidity nod.This allows the fish, which responds to the smooth swinging jig.
  4. Plastic nod made of plastic a pleasure.It is frost-resistant, which is important for winter fishing.

Now you know how to do winter fishing rod.Video material on this subject will help you to familiarize yourself thoroughly.