How to make a trap for fish ?

How to make a trap for fish ?

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How to make a trap for fish?

Fishing - favorite pastime of many, it not only brings a delicious meal, but also a great pleasure for the fisherman.Craftsmen fishing know many ways to this activity, not necessarily at the same time to sit long hours of fishing tackle and wait for the fish.What would your fishing took place much more interesting, and the catch was rich, make fish traps.There are many methods for making traps, the most effective they are often used during the winter fishing, but also the summer goes by without them.

method without the use of additional accessories

first method of manufacturing the winter traps for fish with their hands is as follows.Think about where in the reservoir, in your opinion, be the most fish.At the selected location, in the ice, make an indentation, a small pit.Its dimensions should be about 1.5 m in width and 4 m in length.The bottom of the pit should be up to the water, and the bottom layer of ice leave a thickness of about 5

-6 cm. In the corner, make a hole, approximately?sq.m.Wait until a pit filled with water.After that, the fish itself zaplyvet trapped and unable to swim away.You will need only a net to catch her.

method using a basket

second way to tell how to make a trap for fish in the ice.Hole in the ice Two ice-hole at a distance of two meters from each other.Connect the hole groove to be prodolbit in ice thickness of about 1/3 of the ice cover.One hole, insert the basket, and the other distilled water with a shovel in the hole with a basket.Thus, you will create for and located near the fish will fall into the hole, and then into the basket.

method using plastic bottles

not only for winter fishing people learned how to make traps, very popular in recent years become a trap for fish from plastic bottles that can be used at any time of the year.In order to produce such fish traps, video tutorials are not needed.Take clean sesquilinear or five-liter bottles.Cut them into two parts, where a one-third from the top.After that, off the top of the bottle, remove the lid, turn it into the neck and so insert in another part.Then, on the edge of the trap punch holes and fix the two parts fishing line or rope, whatever they were moving.If your trap is made with five-liter bottle, then pierce a hole in the bottom of the bottle and that she had not surfaced.At the bottom of the bottle attach a long rope to it was convenient to take the trap out of the water and collect the catch.Such traps better to do a few, employing at the same time all of the free bottles.Place the bait in a trap: slices of bread, insect or soaked grits.Place the traps against the current.

Of course, this way you do not catch a rich catch, but seven or eight fishes in the ear is provided.And do not forget, when your fishing came to an end, be sure to remove all the traps.