How to make a jig ?

How to make a jig ?

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How to make jig?

Mormyshka emerged accidentally as a result of the compound sinker with a hook on ordinary float tackle.Then once more active fish bite, and it has interested all fishing enthusiasts.So I was born a completely new kind of artificial bait, which is almost 100 per cent similar to the movement of aquatic insects that feed on fish.

Winter fishing using a jig as well as fishing using a spinner, is to simulate the behavior of objects food fish.You can view any information on fishing sites about them and understand how to make winter jig.And it simulates not only the shape but also the movement and color.Fish caught on a snag, snag - this lifeless imitation of a live insect.Now let's talk about how to make the jig.

To do this, you need to gain a little bit of patience and prepare all the necessary materials and tools.Understand you can help the video on this page.In addition, to help you now we will explain in detail how to make a fishing tackle with their ow

n hands.

Required Tools Soldering

need necessarily as jig need to solder.Its capacity should be around 40W.You also need to prepare materials for soldering.This soldering acid, also called flux (can be purchased at any Radio Shack), and, of course, solder, rosin better.Still need pliers, scissors, tweezers and pliers.

manufacturing technique

  • Take an empty matchbox.There put a lot of screws and nuts, to be heavier.Match box set at an angle to a hot tin longer flocking to the thick end of our jig.Solder pre-divide into small pieces so that they better stick to the soldering iron, and then they naleplivaem on the jig body itself.
  • Also, there is a way to make the jig yourself at home.For this, we also need a soldering iron, solder a piece of plywood (30 to 40 millimeters), nail (diameter should be up to one millimeter) and tweezers.The surface of the plywood and nail it is necessary to lubricate the machine oil.The nail should drive in a piece of plywood to a depth of 3-4 mm, and then grease all grease.A piece of solder (also take the small size of a small pea) using a soldering iron laying around hammer a nail.Next you need to enter a drop of solder, which has already melted, give little freeze and pull a nail out of the jig.With Needle need to give it the desired shape.Countersink hole is necessary.Polished surface jig can be a needle.

Ready jig to remove the smell of soldering is better to boil in a soda solution, but do not necessarily.