How do the spinning ?

How do the spinning ?

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How do the spinning?

to fish on spinning very convenient.Many anglers knowing about it, try to get good spinners.But buying them is not necessary, it is possible to do the spinning on their own.How do the spinning?Now consider this question in detail.

Spinning Materials

  1. coil - it is best to take the stainless steel, so will last longer.
  2. carbon fiber tube (can be taken and any other material which is suitable for the base).To make the spinning length of 2.75 meters, 4 meters should be carbon fiber tubes.
  3. handle for spinning - can be improvised.Also, it is better to obtyanut any rubber material or film, then hand to not slipped.

Manufacturing spinning

is necessary to put a mark on the tube so that the spinning was divided into 5 parts, then cut these pieces, leaving between 10 cm., Which will create a difference when you're vdevat tube into each other.After the tube is cut into 5 pieces, they need to be in order to thrust each other (this is why an additional 10

cm.).Then you need to lock the handle.

Further it is necessary to attach the coil to the substrate.You can use tape or buy a special holder for the coils.Ears to the fishing line can be made also made of wire or purchase the desired size of the store.All ears should be treated with lacquer and let them dry.After that, it is necessary to wind the fishing line, spinning and ready!

can also make spinning, which will consist of a solid foundation.This spinning is suitable for fishing from a bridge or a boat.To make a spinning, using the previous instructions, but the foundation is not necessary to cut into pieces.Right on the solid portion of the coil and secure the lugs to the fishing line.Dimensions of carbon fiber tube, or material that you choose, are directly proportional to the initial size of the finished spinning.

There is the easiest option.If you do not have enough money or simply do not want to buy a spinning factory production, ask the seller about how to eat or defective spinning.Defective spinning you can sell 15% of its real value.After purchasing two of spinning, a method of manipulation can be done one work and a good spinning, while saving 70%.You can also use your own broken spinners and their parts to create one employee.

Before doing spinning with his own hands, we should remember that each spinning rod with a reel to be your center of gravity.The center of gravity should correspond to the place where the coil is attached.The material need not be a carbon fiber can be used in light alloy tube, so-called needles.cork from the wine can also be used to create a handle.In choosing the material once calculated what kind of load it can sustain, because ignorance of the maximum load can lead to the fact that you simply break his masterpiece, and not catching any fish.

We are told how to make a homemade spinning.So the wizard, use your imagination and the means at hand.To help you, we offer the video, as do the spinning.It can be found on the same page.