How to make electric rods ?

How to make electric rods ?

stores for fishing are full of all sorts of devices for catching fish.But the price of such things, I must say, rather big.Many people come up with the idea to collect electric rods themselves.At home, do not be so easy, but possible.In this article you will find tips on how to make electric rods without the high cost of time and money.

electric rods electronic unit consists of a power converter that includes a transformer, a diode bridge and two transistors of the two capacitors.Converter boosts a voltage from 12 to 300V and transfers energy to the capacitors.At the exit from the current capacity of the capacitor battery is 100W.Oscillator with 25kHz frequency converter controls the power transistors.Button, located on the handle of electric rods, energizes the master oscillator.

Through time, which depends on the capacitance of the capacitors and resistors, are released to the electricity output electrodes.The current that flows in the water must not be greater 7-10A.This is achieved by limitin

g the capacity of the thyristor.As a result of a short pulse generated thyristor overvoltage.Its maximum capacity is dependent on the volume of the capacitor and the power thyristors.On a fishing rod trip pulse rate affects the battery voltage and load resistance, which is determined by the resistance of the water between the electrodes.

pulsing process continues as long as the button is pressed on the handle of a fishing rod.There is nothing better than a visual aid.View video how to make electric rods, can be on the Internet.

electric rods in the first place should be cost-effective.It depends on the energy consumption, as it will make continuous operation.This structure should have a small weight and compact size.This problem will resolve the application of high-frequency transducers.For your fishing rods need housing, who could protect it from moisture, - it is necessary for compliance with safety at work.To ensure this condition, you can use a silicone sealant.The device should be easy to use and to configure.To this can be added in the timer circuit or the battery gauge.With self-assembly of such a device for sampling scheme can be used industrial elektroudochek.