How to assemble gear ?

How to assemble gear ?

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How to assemble gear?

To leave fishing, every angler should always prepare by gathering their gear.Further analyze how to collect tackle with their own hands, including spinning.

How to collect spinning tackle

As is the case with a conventional rod, first and foremost, you need a rod, reel, fishing line, leash clasp, spare spools, braided or monofilament and bait, in this case baubles.Of them can make a snap-type Ultra Light.

  1. gear assembly begins with the fact that the coil is wound on the cord.Pre cord wetted in water and when it is completely wetted, it is necessary to install a special machine, which is a common axis with fasteners.Cord in its coil as it is mounted on the axle and secured top fasteners
  2. Next you need to thread the cord through the ring on a special rod: open the handle of the coil, the coil cord to tie a simple slipknot.Turn the knob to wind the cord on the reel.
  3. If you reel left a lot of space, using the so-called the backing.
    As Buckingham you can use a regular braid.Wrap the braid on the spool and tie a knot.
  4. should be alert to the possibility that one winding you will not be enough.Therefore, prepare in advance another spool on which you have to be wound once a fishing line and the backing.Remember that for the correct cord wrapping is very important that the cord was wound under tension and therefore should take the help of a partner.
  5. Tie a leash on the main line.Use of any of the desired components, while taking into account what will be your prey - the bigger it is, the stronger must be the host.
  6. Once you've tied the fishing line and the leash, attach the buckle to which you will need to attach a hook or a lure with a hook.
  7. You can use any other bait.It all depends on what you are going to catch prey.

Thus, the gear is ready, but it should be tested.If you do not have such an opportunity, you have to rely on luck.If, however, you have the opportunity to test your snap-in, be sure to use it.

snap Test To test your snap-in, follow these steps:

  1. Cast the fishing rod or spinning.Unwind reel
  2. considering how many centimeters is one turn.
  3. Count the number of turns that you have committed.
  4. Multiply by the length of fishing line in one turn, and you get the length for fishing.Please note that if the package and line you see a different length, it is not necessary to believe in the words of the manufacturer, since the length specified on the packaging, is nominal.

few tips for selecting tooling

  1. First, Decide on what production you are going to go.If you are interested in petty production, the snap-fit ‚Äč‚Äčappropriate.Use the snap-type ultralight or a light version.Such equipment does not require the use of rifles and thick leashes.On the other hand, if you are going to carry out a large or strong catching fish, use a snap-in, which is the most durable and comfortable.
  2. may also want to use special carbines.They help to create a node-free type of connection that will provide strength, so necessary for catching big fish.

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