How to build a spinning ?

How to build a spinning ?

Successful fishing depends on many subtleties and nuances, so just buy spinning and fish, of course, possible, but is unlikely to get a good catch or catch the biggest fish.After all, this is the main desire of every fisherman.In this article you will get tips on how to choose the right spinning rod for catching certain species of fish.

When choosing spinning newcomer is always trying to learn from an experienced fisherman, how to choose the spinning.However, it happens that the Board is given to the fact that it is practically impossible to use it.It turns out that an avid fisherman cheated?Not at all, the choice of spinning depends on many factors, including the size of the rod on which the waters you fish and what bait to use.All this comes with experience, that is, through personal trial and error.And so the process is much faster and more efficiently, you must first get some knowledge in this area.Start with advice on the selection of spinning given in our article How to choose spinning, and

then we will continue to inform you in more detail.

How to choose the right spinning for pike

Pike - one of the most common species of fish for which fishing is carried out.It belongs to the category of predatory fish, so the selection of the gear should be appropriate.It is better to use a carbon fiber rod.This material is easier and less sensitive and exposed to sunlight.

for pike spinning choose the slow and medium-sized building.Rod middle order in the fishing bent in half.This makes it possible to catch this predator by strong and elastic properties of the rod.It allows you to make accurate casts and rigid cuttings.Rods slow system have similar characteristics, but bent over the entire length and can more accurately perform long casts.

spinning length has a significant role in the selection of the reservoir.Thus, on the open water is best to use long rods of 2.7 meters when fishing in the narrow floodplains and overgrown ponds is more appropriate rod length is 1.8 metrov.O other details of the test you will be able to learn from our article How to Choose a Spinning reel.

How to choose spinning for fishing from the shore

order to catch from shore is necessary to choose the right length of the rod and the type of bait for a specific category of fish, depending on the type of water body.

  • Catching pike, perch, pike-perch on a big river - the length of 2.7-3 meters spinning, operation of fast, bait - baits, crankbaits, jig-heads 12-28 grams.
  • Catching pike, perch, chub, ide, grayling on a small river - spinning length of 2.7-3 meters, build extra fast, bait - light spinners, crankbaits, jig-head 4-16 grams.
  • Catching any fish on the lake or a pond - fishing rods 1.8-2.8 meters long, fast operation, bait lures 5-10 cm

How to choose spinning for fishing from a boat

  • fishing on the big river, and.deep large pike and zander - spinning length 2.1-2.4 meters, build extra fast, lures - wobblers 10-15 cm large, jig-heads 18-36 grams.
  • fishing on the lake any fish with bait wobblers, 10 cm minnow - spinning 1.8-2.1 meters long, build extra fast.

How to collect spinning for fishing wobbler

Since this is the most commonly used bait for fishing, we offer instructions on how to collect spinning for fishing baits.

  1. Choose the light-sensitive rods and middle order.
  2. Buy inertialess reel with a capacity of 1000 spools.
  3. Select sure the cord spool (not the line!) In diameter 0.08-0.1 mm.
  4. Buy rigid leashes.

about how to collect spinning you will be able to learn from our article How do the spinning.

How to choose a reel to reel spinning

must necessarily be made of durable metal, plastic model significantly lose their sensitivity, which affects the quality of work of spinning in general.Good luck fishing!