How to collect the bait ?

How to collect the bait ?

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How to collect the bait?

Before you go to look for a pond for fishing, you need to prepare your tools - a fishing rod.In this article we will tell you in detail how to collect the bait and what parts are needed for this.

How to build a float rod rod


To start list the main fishing gear, which will be needed for fishing: fishing rod, fishing line reel, bobber, a hook, a sinker.If you have it all, you can start the build process.Take the rod, and, if it is a composite, collect it, which gently insert parts into each other.If you have a telescopic rod, simply pulling and anchoring part.Make sure also that the rod could then easily dismantled.

Select the line

Lesko to choose, based on the type of fish you want to catch, but in most cases fit a standard fishing line with a thickness of 0.2 mm, as it can withstand loads of up to 2 kg.This is usually more than enough for coastal fishing.Next you need to wind the fishing line onto the spool in the case if you use

it.However, there are designs with motoviltse rod for fishing line.In this case, first Bind the line to motoviltse, and then pass it to the top through the rings and then lower to the butt end of the rod.Then take the rod with one hand, and the line - the other, and check its length.If the line was half a meter or slightly longer rod, it means that you have fixed it properly.Otherwise, make changes in the design and check again.

float, hooks, sinkers

next step - fixing on the line float.When choosing a float pay attention to its color (to see better).Also note that the float should be selected depending on the currents in the water and weather conditions.For different types of bodies of water and weather fit different floats.

After you set the float, it's time to fix the hook.Most often it is bound by several nodes for reliability.Experienced anglers are advised not to leave the long end of the fishing line, because there is a risk that he will cut the fish before it gets on the hook.Considering this point, the hook is fastened in such a way that at the end of the line we are left with the length of not more than 1.5 mm.

Now you need to spend ogruzku tackle, and our rod will be ready.This is the only action that can be performed directly on the pond just before fishing.Experiment with the weight of the weights so that the float when attached weights did not sink completely.It is also desirable that the float did not go into the water.

Well - our fishing tackle ready!Now you know how to properly collect the bait.If you did everything correctly, then consider that your fishing is half successful, as the training gear is very important for good fishing.The second half - it's the right choice of the reservoir and fishing time.If some things have remained unclear for you, the Internet is now possible to find a lot of videos on how to collect the bait.Good luck fishing!