How to build a feeder tackle ?

How to build a feeder tackle ?

Feeder as fishing tackle, it is at this time more and more popular among professionals and beginners.But it is not enough just to buy a fairly expensive accessories that are sold today in virtually any specialty store.It is more important to collect feeder tackle properly, so that it becomes like a continuation of the hands, and that any movement of the fish was noticeably fisherman.How to do it, tell you in this article.

Rod feeder

Depending on fishing conditions (pond or river) choose sliding rod from 3.3 to 3.9 meters at a test load of 20 to 100 grams.Required additional presence of "nod" that is different in sensitivity from the main body, for easy detection of the presence of fish.Warning bite may be electronic.About how to choose all kinds of fishing gear, see the section Fishing Tackle.

without inertia reel

has long been in the past are the days when the fishing line unwinds on wire attachment located on the rod body.In addition, long casts without a freewheeling coils are almost impos

sible.It is best to use an open coil.It excludes the possibility of entanglement of fishing line in the "beard".Also draws attention to characteristics such as: power, presence of friction brake, ease and smoothness, weight, materials used in construction.

Lesko main

can use wicker (for more distant throws at relatively pure bottom), but you can monofilament (it is better suited for short distances, as has greater stretchability).Braids - up to 0,14 mm.Monoleski - 0.3 mm.

feeder, sinker

standard model - the "cell" of different shapes and sizes.The main condition - that its weight is not exceeded with a test load selected bait rod.The sinker is further used for catching cautious fish, such as carp and tench.


usually used monoleski 0.12 For its production - 0.2 mm.Selectable diameter depends on the magnitude of the expected production and the availability of benthic barriers in place catch (too thin - can simply tear).Leash length varies from 20 cm to one meter.

hook size is determined bait views.For bloodworms and maggots - numbers from 12 to 18, sharp and small.For the worm take 4-8 with a long forearm.


better to choose adjustable to vary the angle of inclination of the feeder as well as a stand, allowing to install several rods.

details on how to catch at the feeder, see the article How to catch at the feeder.