How to tie a hook on the line ?

How to tie a hook on the line ?

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How to tie a hook on the line?

Fishing - is not only fun but also a lot of important preparatory nuances on which success depends largely on the catch.One of the key points is the reliable fastening hooks on the line.For this purpose, several basic types of nodes.Some of them are used for fixing the hook with a spoon, the other - to secure hook without a spinner.

How to Tie a hook baits without

Fishing Eight

Perhaps the easiest site, which is perfect for a good fishing line is not very good for a fragile thin fishing line is a solution, as it may explode.

Spending the end of line in the ring, bringing out, leaving a loop, once the tip of the wrap around the hook and then perform in a previously created loop.

bayonet assembly

It is designed for natural woods, because how to tie a hook on a synthetic scaffold in this way will not work - the node will simply not hold.

Thread fishing line into the ring, make two turns around the hook, tighten.Don


California assembly

Great for nylon fishing line.Fold the line widows, thread the hook into the ring.Now take a turn around the end of the double line and miss in the resulting double loop end.Tighten.

eight Canadian

Very good choice for a synthetic scaffold.Insert the line into the ring, make one revolution around the hook, the tip of the fishing line swipe up between the fishing line and hook, then lower down and thread in a loop.Tighten.

How to Tie a hook to lure

stevedoring double knot

This site version is considered to be very reliable.Provided that you will attach to the scaffold hook with lure in the form of a ring fort site will be as much as 98%.From the first time it may seem like a stevedore make a double knot is not very easy, but it should work out, and you'll find that knit hooks on the line in this way is easy.

So, end of line skip in the ring, print out and miss again in the ring.The resulting loop leave Loose.Now the end of the thread lift up, to get double the fishing line.Make 4-5 turns of line around itself from top to bottom.Then the tip of the resulting slide in at the beginning of the ring and tighten.


node A simpler and therefore less reliable analog of the previous node.To create skip the line to the ring, print out.Then take the direction from the bottom up 3-4 turns around the fishing line.The end of the lower down and insert into the formed at the bottom of the loop between the ring and thread.Tighten.

How to make a knot on the hook without the ring

Some fishermen prefer to use hooks with no rings, and with a spatula, believing that they reduce the risk of damage and break the fishing line.

In this case, the hook fixing options on the line can also be a lot, but we offer the most convenient, simple, reliable enough and therefore a very popular site.

  1. Fold (but do not bind) the ends of fishing lines overlap so as to form a loop.
  2. One end of the fishing line take 4-5 turns, connecting them and hook the other end of the fishing line with a loop.
  3. Moisten the line a little water.
  4. Spend the end of the fishing line in the first loop.
  5. tighten.

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