How to link a skirt crochet ?

How to link a skirt crochet ?

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Linking skirt crochet?

skirt, crocheted, it is always fashionable and stylish.Ways knitting a lot.In this article we will give some tips on how to tie a hook skirt.This product can be worn as an adult women and young girls.Especially if it is satisfied with his own hands, it gives it a special charm.Learning this skill is not difficult.After learning of the proposed material, this will force even novice odes.


  • always need to start with a simple silhouette, direct, and simple drawing.Even when you have some experience, style can be complicated.
  • First of all, choose a yarn.It should be resilient and should not be stretched.It would be the best iris, twisted cotton.The acrylic, mohair or viscose need to add a thin thread of the same iris.
  • determine the width of the finished knitted fabric, it is necessary to consider that it should be six to twelve centimeters over the hips.If the belt is too narrow skirt, it will be visible to all figure flaws.Better to let
    the skirt slightly droops.
  • If the girl is small, then it should not thick thread knit skirt.The embossed pattern in this case is also undesirable.
  • Knit desirable in a circle, starting from the waist.To calculate the number of loops necessary to knit a sample consisting of approximately 20 loops.Next you need to measure it and calculate how many loops you will need your volume.When calculating the number of loops for viscose, acrylic and mohair, keep in mind that they are drawn during wear and washing.The same thing happens with openwork cloth.

Examples knitting

There are different methods of how to knit crochet skirt.Schemes can be found, for example, on the site / topic-31447.This link is represented by many specimens.These are detailed descriptions.

And we will look at some ways to knit crochet skirt.

  • The simplest and most common is the straight skirt.Pattern it is very simple.Knit a skirt easier to bottom, not from the waist.According to hip size to determine the right amount and type of hinges.The following is knit in a circle until the desired length of the product line of the hips.Make fitting.Then continue knitting to the waist, throwing at the same loop.
  • next version of the skirt, flared skirt - trapezoid.Knit it from top to bottom.At first, she fit in a straight skirt, then the number of loops increases gradually.By increasing the number of loops, you need to ensure that at the point of increasing the hole is not formed.If a drawing gum, the gum due to the width.That is, if the gum was 1x1, then you need to switch to 2x1, then 2x2, etc.The skirt, consisting of reports, the loop can be added, as well as in the report itself, and between them.In the second case, a skirt with wedges.
  • For girls who prefer asymmetrical skirts, need to know that it turns out by extending the web on the same vertical.How to do it?Select a column, and with an interval of 4-6 rows on both sides to add columns to it.According to the results obtained in one corner of the skirt.If you want to make a few corners then, too, there is nothing difficult.This is done by analogy, but in a few places.
  • skirt style fit year, as a direct or more flared, but at the bottom it will need a dramatic increase in the number of loops, the method can be selected either.
  • sun flared obtained by knitting a flat circle, a napkin or tablecloth.Just need to start mating with waist circumference.Openwork pattern it should be retained, will be a very beautiful skirt.
  • Spiral skirts are the most difficult to cut.But knitting is a fairly simple one shift nakida (or add one column) in series.On expanding the bottom part is to choose the drawing where nakida much.
  • methods, how to tie a hook children's skirt, the same.Choose yarn, style and design, the most suitable for you and your child.Remove the measurements and start knitting.

We talked about the basic rules of crocheting.They talked about the choice of yarn.They brought some of the ways on how to tie a hook skirt.Video of this process can be found on the Internet.