How to catch the networks?

How to catch the networks?

One way to get a plentiful catch of a fishing nets.How to catch the networks?you need to know the specifics of installing networks for fishing nets.

What is needed to start

angler need to obtain a special license authorizing fishing nets.Otherwise, fishing is illegal, but because you can lose not only your inventory but will have to pay a fine.The license must be established and the cell size of the network, as well as the norms fishing.In addition to fishing nets, you need a network anchor, rubber boots, a special suit, boat and oars.

After receiving the license, you need the best possible way to explore the landscape of the pond.Fishing nets requires knowledge of not only the bottom of the relief, but also depth, areas of current, cluttered areas, wells.Well, and in addition, it is necessary, of course, to know about the presence of fish.


Varieties There are many varieties of fish, and therefore, the network vary depending on your installation.Networks can be installed: on the sur

face of water at the depth at the bottom.

Network, which is fixed by means of goods, ie,anchors, called fixed nets.Networks that drift down the river, called - smooth.

If you decide to go fishing, you need to first decide which species of fish you want to catch, in some reservoirs, at what depth.

In addition, it is necessary to establish the basic characteristics of the network.For example, fine-meshed network is used for small fish.Determined with all the above parameters, you can proceed to the choice of the network.


networks How to catch the fish in the net when the bottom flat, and there is no sticky deposits, and from vegetation dominated by horsetail and reeds?In this case, the network must be installed near the shore, while wearing a special suit for chemical protection.Predatory fish are more active at dawn, and therefore, it is desirable to put the network at dawn.Under certain conditions, this method can provide a good fishing catch.On the river, the mouth of which is narrow enough, the network is set to peretyag, hooking the cord from one bank to another.In this setup, network, to the network is not lifted over to a lower cord hanging load.

In addition, you can install the network and with the boat.This version is considered better.The most convenient way to put together a network, if one person installs the network, and the other is at the oars.To install the network from a boat, you need to find a headland jutting out into the water.It would be better if it is a rocky headland in the pond with reeds.The depth of the place where the network is set, must be 2 meters.By establishing a network should take into account wind speed and direction.Fish will go along the coast, and, bypassing the promontory falls into the network.

Choosing a network should be aware that most "catchability" networks are networks made of nylon fishing line.They are good because they are not visible in the water.However, they are very difficult to install.Furthermore, such networks require proper storage.Net made of nylon, which are easier to use.

networks How to catch the fish?What methods of installation of networks there are?Networks can be installed and piled deep.In such places, are found perch and walleye.

winter to put the network is particularly difficult.First cut through the main lane, and then, at a distance of 2-3 meters, the line cuts through the lane less.After the performed actions, with the help of the pole, from the well to well transmit the cord to the desired length.Only after that, using a network cable is lowered into the main lane, and it is stretched to its full length.On the cargo load cord dress.This is to ensure that the net was in vertical position.

However, when catching fish network, in addition to purchasing a license, you must know if you can go fishing in, or other body of water.

Today, there are a wide variety of different networks, which are designed not only for experienced fishermen but also for newcomers to the stores with inventory for fishing.