As a blind man from clay ?

As a blind man from clay ?

molding of the clay is very interesting to do, which is obtained as a result of cute figurines, which can then be varnished and put on public display.Many wonder, as the blind man from clay, considering it more difficult to fulfill.In principle, the human figure sculpt out of clay is not so difficult, the main proportioning.

Tools and components

To fashion a human from clay, you need except for different colors of clay, toothpicks and a knife.And so you can quickly wash hands on this material, they should be moistened with water.

Lepim man from clay

For a man modeling plasticine material you will need not only to ordinary colors, but a flesh-colored.If you do not, this shade can be obtained by mixing the following proportions: 6 pieces of white, 2 parts Red and 1 part yellow.

  • Modeling human plasticine starts with the head.It is necessary to make the oval and cut his mouth with a knife.You can paste to the teeth, as will fit.They are molded of white clay, in the form of small balls.
  • Now proceed to the manufacture of the lips, to do this, roll out a thin strip of any color and attach it around your mouth.From a piece of red can make a person language.
  • Nose need to sculpt rounded teardrop shape and attach it to the head and a toothpick to make the nostrils.
  • Eyes need to sculpt two white ball, attach it to the head and make the pupils.This is followed accurately portray the eyelids of the little pieces of clay.It should also be above the eyes to blind brows.
  • Ears can be small or large, but more importantly, so that they get the same.They must be attached at the sides.
  • hairstyle can make any, or simply put on the head of any headgear.
  • Now proceed to the torso.First you need to dazzle shoes and insert the toothpick.Then attach them to the lower part of the figure, that is, pants, and the remaining pins are needed to spread the torso.
  • For images of hands, you need to roll out two sausages and attach them to the place where they should be located.
  • for sculpting the fingers should make an oval blank place and then cut the finger and trim them.
  • Then you need to attach the neck by inserting a toothpick for the head and joined her.That's all a person is ready.If necessary, it can be lacquered.

Now you know how to mold the human clay, and be able to show off their figures in front of friends.