How to reel the line ?

How to reel the line ?

Fishing is like a game of chance and the spirit of competition is an essential attribute of it.In order to become a professional fisherman is not enough to buy the most modern equipment, requires certain skills and knowledge.For example, beginners often underestimate ability to properly wind the fishing line onto the spool spinning.Therefore, during the fishing line was started up uncomfortable spiral, which then form the furrow, and when using Buckingham, after 15-20 fishings can accidentally "fly" up to 20 meters of cord.

fishing line winding rules

Let's look at the basic steps of how to wind the fishing line onto the spool:

  • First you need to attach to a spinning reel.Alternatively, when the coil is wound first, and then attached not the best.
  • Skipping the line through the rings spinning rod.Picking up Babin, and the protruding end is threaded through the smallest upper ring, then through the next, and so on.As a result, the fishing line will reach the coil bobbin.
  • better prepare the equi
    pment together with a partner.After all, in order to avoid twisting when winding need to create maximum resistance.Wearing a spool of string to a pencil, you take it in your hands, but your friend keeps spinning with reel.Lovers of fishing alone, who know how to wind the line on their own, can create resistance to the fishing line casting reel into the water or onto the floor.The latter option is more desirable because the wet fishing line is prone to kinking.
  • opening shackle leskoukladyvatelya and tied fishing line to the spool, your partner begins to wind its slow turns of the coil.The line should not sag between the rings and form a circle, for it during winding to avoid hesitation and stops.
  • Podmotav the line to the end, you need to close the shackle leskoukladyvatelya.While fishing without having to try to keep an old fishing line from the reel.After fishing make some extra casts and slowly podmotayte the line.You need to know not only how the line on a spinning reel, but as it dried to prevent the formation laps.

During the winding is very important not to overdo it, creating tension fishing line.Too tight stretch leads to the formation of a loop.You not only get rid of the spiral, but also create new curls right into the spool.

Now you know the rules of how to wind the fishing line.This will allow you to prepare a good tackle for fishing and enjoy this hobby!We wish you a good bite!