How to weave a network?

How to weave a network?

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How to weave a network?

Fishermen sometimes used for catching fish nets.Optional network to buy in the store, you can make her own hands.Previously, every fan of fishing know how it's done.The very way of weaving a simple cell, if the hand has the necessary tools.It takes a lot of perseverance and patience, because it's pretty hard work.This article will look at how to weave a network.

Materials and tools for weaving

to weave high-quality network, capable of supporting the production and the impact of water, you should choose a durable material.They can be:

  • or nylon monofilament thread;
  • fishing line;
  • regular sewing thread of dark color, which should be strong and thick.

addition to the material, required tools:

  • shuttle - the instrument by which the weaving process occurs;
  • strap - ruler, measure the size of the cell.

If the shuttle can not buy at the store, it can be cut from a thin sheet of plastic, wood or metal.It should be slightly

smaller strips to pass freely through the cell network.As a strap you can use a piece of line, wood, plastic.Before you weave a network for fishing, you need to hook wind the fishing line or thread.

process of weaving a network

When all is ready for work, you can create fishing tackle.

  1. We make ring of rope or string.
  2. Make pyatisantimetrovym through the loop.We obtain a node to the bottom of putting a bar, wrap the thread with the hook, spent it down at the bar, and bring up through the ring.
  3. thread need to pull and pinch your fingers.Loop gain, which implies making unit.
  4. action is repeated until it is done by the number of loops required for the web width.
  5. Weaving fishing net proceeds on the basis of a series of loops that appears.We stretch the thread, we are putting the bar, making the shuttle orbit around the strap through the bottom, hold the thread with your fingers, making assembly and tighten.The result was a cell.
  6. perform a number of cells to the end and do the following ranks as the product does not turn the desired length.
  7. We make snap of the resulting network.Along the edges of a thick rope or skip the line.To it are fixed sinkers and floats.With the help of weights one side of the network sink to the bottom, while the other floats will be retained on the surface.This will allow the fish to swim in and stay there, tangled up in the cells.Because one end of the gear will be on the surface, it will be easy to get out of the water.

learn how to weave a network in the simplest way, you can read the article How to Knit a fishing net.