How to cook the mash ?

How to cook the mash ?

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How to cook mash?

Today from semolina preparing different types of nozzles, and often the fishermen, especially beginners mistakenly called them all talkers.It is not right.Chatterbox - a semolina, flooded with water at room temperature.If semolina pour the boiling water, then this tip is called "mastyrki".If the barley is cooked even further, it's a cool tip.However, it is considered the best talker nozzle to catch any white fish.

How to cook mash of semolina

So preparing talker semolina is very simple:

  1. The need to fill a wide bowl cereal 3/4 of its volume.
  2. Groats gently pour water, thoroughly stirring the mixture.Pouring is necessary as long as all the contents of the dishes do not become wet.If the surface of cereals will remain the water, it must be emptied.
  3. necessary to mash brew for about 30 minutes.If necessary, after this time it is possible to add dyes or flavors.

worth noting that the batter, cooked on this recipe becomes quite liquid.Therefore, many

fishermen often ask how to cook mash thicker.Make it simple.It should be after the croup swells, add it torn to pieces conventional cotton.The volume of wool should leave about a third of the volume of used dry cereals.Some anglers are advised in this case, in the mash add a little vegetable oil, 2-3 tablespoons.In this case, the finished head is a more dense and attractive to fish.But

cook mash - this is only half the story.It is necessary to properly use and store.Only under certain rules, you can expect a good bite.

How stick mash

Chatterbox Semolina is best suited for catching fish with white meat.At the same time it is good for both carp and carp for.

Chatterbox is applied directly to a fishing hook.It is desirable to make sure that his head is completely concealed.This can be done in the following ways:

  • If batter is cooked without wool it with a large medical syringe is applied to the hook.Experienced fishermen say that for best effect to mash on the hook should be placed a few grains of barley, or a worm, and have them wrap the mash.Instead, the syringe may be a conventional stick or an old tube of toothpaste.
  • If the nozzle is prepared with the addition of wool, it is wound around the hook just is well kept thanks to a dense and viscous consistency and does not fall off the hook.

Storage semolina mash

Chatterbox, prepared according to the above recipe is not suitable for long-term storage.Therefore it is best to cook it on a fishing trip.To do this, use enough about 150g of cereals.If unable to spend immediately ready talker, the maximum term of its storage in a cool place - no more than 24 hours.

Just finished fishing tip should be kept in a pot, the lid closed.Should not enter into it to sand, mud or water.

Now you not only know how to cook mash fishing alone, but also know how to use it properly and store.