How to connect the two fishing lines ?

How to connect the two fishing lines ?

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Linking two fishing line?

novice anglers are often faced with a problem when fishing line suddenly breaks under the weight of fish caught.So the question is how to tie two fishing lines together, they have a rather urgent.Note that there are several ways to knit, but all components must meet two requirements:

  1. compact size.
  2. node should not get stuck with the passage of the fishing line through the rod rings.

Node "Bloodlines»

consider this option, which is considered to be very reliable, and the easiest.Experts assure that its strength is 90% of the whole product.

Attention!This unit can be connected the fishing line of the same diameter or different diameters of line two, but one that was more than another at maximum 30%.

  1. ends of the two woods are stacked against each other so that they overlap was 20 cm.
  2. One end of the fishing line is wound adjacent fishing line.The winding must begin from the overlap, leaving a loose end.The number of turns is 5-8.
  3. remaining loose end after winding turns in the opposite direction.
  4. Now everyone is doing the same operations and the other fishing line.
  5. remaining ends should be tightened.Do not forget to correct the node itself.Experienced anglers recommend fishing line during contraction with water.
  6. Trim off any excess, are left only small ends 2 mm in length.

There are several types of units, but they are more complicated in their design.So advice for beginners - learn at first this option, then you can move on to another.For example, "Albright», «Shok leader knot», «Grinner".Anyone who wants to get acquainted with them, can find information on the Internet.It is only necessary to add that all these components can communicate not only between a fishing line, but the line with the braid.Another useful tip for beginners - first you have to train at home and several times better then to fishing perform the steps was easier.

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