What a coil is better?

What a coil is better?

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What coil is better?

Experienced angler in the choice of gear for fishing, every detail matters.They are a genuine perseverance browsing hundreds of different options for each part of your equipment.Those who enjoy spinning, considered one of the main components of its coil.Let's talk about what is best for the spinning reel, and what to look for when choosing.

spinning reels come in several forms: inertialess, and inertia multiplier.

without inertia reel

So called the coil, where the fishing line spool and do not rotate with the throwing and pulling up fish.Such coil may be both open and closed spool.Features fast-response coil:

  • maximally protects the line from tangling;
  • no need to "slow down" when casting the bait.This allows very distant casts even with different types of baits;
  • they have a friction device that protects the line from the anguish;
  • they have a mechanism to prevent reverse rotation;
  • leskoukladyvatel they have, which is necessary t
    o check when buying.His work must be carried out effortlessly.

without inertia reel Spinning is considered ideal for beginners.It is easy to use and affordable.With its purchase should pay attention to the following parameters:

  • smooth running of fishing line;
  • front or rear location of the clutch;
  • spool size (1000 mm);
  • common coil weight and the weight of its parts separately.


Such coils are considered the most inexpensive and simplified mechanism, but their disadvantage is that they are not suitable for larger fish.They are used as spinning, and in the normal fishing rods and spool size is 50-100 mm.Their peculiarity is that their rotation does not end in contact with the bait in the water and they require the use of braking to the fishing line is not confused.This is a more amateur version, not intended for serious catch.

Coils - multiples

most complex mechanism have coil - multiples.They are also the most expensive and reliable.Designed for long-distance casting and a very large catch.Beginners will be difficult to cope with them, so they are recommended mainly for professionals.They are equipped with many features - automatic braking of, high-speed winding.However, when using such coils need to make further efforts to monitor the fishing line, and use the heavy lure.Therein lies the difficulty of treatment.

Rating coils

About what the coil is better to argue hard.Each type of coils suitable for certain types of fishing and the fisherman level.Therefore, our list will be drawn up on the basis of price categories.

  • to 1000 rubles.In this category the best recognized Daiwa Sweepfire.It is recommended for beginners and fishermen rarely venture beyond their catch.
  • to 2000 rubles.Ryobi Tresor and Daiwa Megaforce are recognized leaders in this category.
  • Up to 5,000 rubles.Shimano Elf in 2011 as the best - and the ease of the mechanism, and the reliability and comfort of use.

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