What tench catch ?

What tench catch ?

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What tench catch?

If you have chosen your potential prey fish such as the tench, the need to catch it in special places and special ways.This is due to the fact that the tench lives separately from other fish, and catch it accidentally happen.For successful catching tench need special feeding methods, baits and even the right choice of time of day.

If you are in doubt, and a novice fisherman, you can see how the fishing lin, video - lessons can always be found on the Internet.

There are two most common ways of catching tench - donk and rod with a float.

Fishing Donkey

This is the most simple way.How to catch a tench Donk?To secure the fishing line or rod need motoviltse.Georgia may be sliding or deaf - the result will not be affected.On a Donkey set two hooks.One is attached to the sinker and the other - after it.Leads should be short, no more than 20 cm.

bait when fishing is a donk vypolzok or worms.When the nozzle on the donk is better to use pre-sliced ​​piece

Nightcrawlers, or more worms.Georgia should be heavy enough, then the fish will strike itself.

Once you abandoned gear in the water you must wait for fish.If you use a sliding sinker, then you need to install the float in the tackle.It should be located at a distance of a meter from the top of the rod..

fishing rod

can be available two rods, a length of about 4 m and line diameter of 0.25 cm Float should be the most sensitive, and sinker - sliding.On a fishing rod installed two leash.One length of 8 cm, and the other - 15 cm is better to rod was equipped with a fast-response coil..

One of the auxiliary methods of attracting fish is bait.This can be used curd mixture.But best of all - it's cereals and bran.They have to be previously pulverized and steamed.You can also use chopped worms.

From this mixture you need to roll the ball with a diameter of 5 -. 6 cm A couple of balls to throw into the water near the floats.And is doing this procedure every half hour.Also, there is an important caveat - in groundbait mix should be a bait that, at that time, will be on the hook.Part of the cut before the nozzle on the hook and is added to the mixture.

What caught tench usually when fishing rod.You can use curd balls, but many would argue that they are ineffective.Therefore, the best baits are considered red worm, small vypolzok and maggots.It is better to use multiple baits.On a longer leash hook skewer maggots and worms on the hook shorter.

place fishing and fish habits

If your choice - lin, Russian fishing usually involves a morning bite.This is due to the fact that the seats of stays fish is practically impossible to determine.Habitats lin - is lakes, ponds and small size with a weak current.Compulsory hallmark of this place should be an abundance of aquatic vegetation - reeds, seaweed, water lilies, etc.

The more shaded place, the greater the probability that the line will be there.To place dnevaniya fish will "pass" the morning.Notice of motion can be linear vibrations on the algae or other vegetation on the surface of a pond.This is the best time for fishing.

If in the morning you could not catch a fish, you can wait for the evening cool.It starts at 17.00, while the linear movement to the place of lodging.Continue biting can up to several hours.