What is a feeder ?

What is a feeder ?

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What is a feeder?

Feeder - a special British fishing tackle for bottom fishing.The main advantage of the feed gear - the opportunity to fish in distant from the coast where the big fish are not as cautious as the coast, it is important to note that the fisherman can not fish from a boat, and stay on the beach.

What is a feeder?

Feeder - a special rod device with a trough mounted thereon.Rod varies in length, build and test.Story - the ability of the feeder to bending during casting bait test - an indicator of the strength and sensitivity of the rod, which is defined by two numbers: the first indicates the minimum weight of the nozzle, and the second - the maximum.

Species feeders, which must be mounted on the feeder rod, there are many, they are different in form and method of attachment.

How to choose a feeder?

Choice feeder - an individual matter, but a number of recommendations still exists here.Firstly, the larger the pond, the longer the required rod.Secondly,

it is necessary to take into account the nature of the reservoir - the river for the test should be 100-120 grams of water bodies without rapid flow (pond, lake, etc.) - not more than 60 grams.

Regarding the choice of building, everything is individually rigid rod (fast action) make it possible to better control the extent of movement, but flexible (slow operation) avoids breakage of line with sharp and powerful production shocks.

Choice feeders depends on the way how to be more convenient to work fixing the fisherman.

bait - an important part of the feeder fishing, but because it is necessary to choose wisely.So, for standing water is necessary to use loose and fragrant bait, but for the rivers with fast-flowing adhesive is recommended bait so that it did not carry over immediately and not "unwound" across the pond.

feeder How to use?

The main rule of successful fishing on the feeder - pre-fertilizing.If you are going to catch away from the shore, for the proper feeding, you will need to practice your accuracy, first - throw fertilizing should be carried out punctually, meaning there is no one to scatter the bait around the pond.

very tactics of catching on the feeder is different from the classic bottom fishing.Classical bottom gear requires a large number of rods in feeder fishing, only one, especially for inexperienced fishermen.In addition, there is no need to wait long for a bite, if it does not, it is important prompt response, a rapid transition to a different dressing, or even catch elsewhere.

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