How to grow a pumpkin ?

How to grow a pumpkin ?

Now many people know that even fruits and vegetables are becoming less useful, since their "flavored" with nitrates, to make them shiny and beautiful.But what is needed if this beauty, when in the stomach all turn into one mass, but the quality will affect the body.Because many trying to acquire garden to grow their own crops.Today we'll show you how to grow a pumpkin, to rejoice in the rich harvest season.

planting rules pumpkin

Let's talk about the most important moments of the crop planting, when and how to plant a pumpkin, how to care for sprouts.We will talk about how to grow pumpkins from seeds.

pumpkin seeds do not tolerate cold, not enough to warm the soil in the seed simply rot.Because we choose, when at a depth of seed placement (described below), the soil temperature is at least 13 degrees.Roughly we can talk about the last ten days of May, but, you know, it depends on the region.Also choose for planting well-lit, open areas.

Prepare the soil, it should be quite moist.If moisture is

not enough, then each well before you plant the seeds, fill with 1.5-2 liters of warm water (about 50 degrees, not lower).Seeds are planted after absorbing all the water.

approximate depth of seed planting is 4-6 centimeters.However, in lighter soils seeds can be planted at a depth of 8.10 centimeters.Pour seeds nutrient mixture.

Adults pumpkin plants are large enough, so is sufficient to take care of the place.On one bush take away about one square meter.

Some gardeners are insured against night frosts suspended sowing seeds at different depths.While some will die from frost, the later will be able to survive.If all survive, just make thinning (removing unnecessary germs) after emergence.

So how to grow pumpkins will only at a sufficiently high temperature (not less than 25 degrees in the air), you can speed up the germination by creating artificial hotbed.Just cover the wells with foil (the edge of her sprinkle the ground, so as not to fly away).when there will be shoots, the film needs to be done in the individual cuts from each sprout.Some gardeners remove the film after germination at all, but it can be done only if the warm weather.

Under normal circumstances, a week after planting sprouts appear.After the appearance of two true leaves conduct thinning is necessary, leaving only the strongest plant.

pumpkin Watering must be abundant, but infrequent.First time watering is carried out after 8-10 days after sowing seeds in open ground, then through 1.5-2 weeks.Then refer to the drying of the upper layers of the substrate.

original way of planting

Just a couple of words about how to grow pumpkins unusual, but simple way.Planted in a greenhouse (eg cucumber), and the harvest will collect in the street.

  • For this pumpkin plant at the end of a greenhouse on the south side, so that later it was convenient to come from the outside.
  • Wells hatched planted pumpkin seeds.The rest of the care as usual.
  • When the plant reaches a size of 50-60 cm, incise film greenhouses and plant direct to the street.
  • This method makes it possible to plant the seeds for a week before.Teplichke remaining in the root system will feed the plant, and you will soon gather a rich harvest.