Why tomato leaf curl ?

Why tomato leaf curl ?

Tomatoes - this is a very demanding and fussy plants.If they have not properly and timely care, the leaves may change color or curl into a tube.The question of why the tomato leaves curl, remains relevant for many gardeners.Let's talk about the different reasons in detail.

Curl leaves of tomatoes

consider the main causes of leaf roll in the tomatoes.


optimal temperature conditions for growing tomatoes - twenty-two or twenty-five degrees Celsius during the day and sixteen or eighteen degrees at night.But if for four or five hours, the temperature hold at the thirty-five degrees or more, tomatoes from the intense heat will curl leaves.

lose brightness due to overheating of tomato leaves appear yellow spots, slow growth on the skin may appear small cracks, fall off the buds, flowers and ovaries.Do not rule out the possibility of occurrence of rot in tomato fruit.At high temperatures, the leaves will fall off from the tomatoes, and the plants themselves will wither and die.

To protect the plant from overheating, it is necessary to create an artificial shadow.You can use lutrasilom - non-woven synthetic cover material made of polypropylene fibers.It will protect the plant in adverse weather conditions.The leaves of tomatoes can also be sprayed with urea (two tablespoons in a bucket of water).Two days later, the mixture should be changed to a solution of potassium permanganate pink.A few days later the tops of tomatoes will be more direct.

Lack liquid

morning watering tomatoes at the root - once or twice a week.At the same time try not to waterlogged soil.When the weather is overcast, the optimal flow rate should be one - two liters per plant.In sunny weather - six to ten liters of water per irrigation.Do not forget that the very frequent watering tomato root system will not develop normally.

air Lack

After watering plants necessarily need to ventilate the greenhouse.During the day, water the tomato is undesirable: it would lead to an increase in air humidity level in the greenhouse, which, in turn, adversely affect the cooling of the leaves.

Incorrect pasynkovanie seedlings

Pasynkovanie - is the removal of excess shoots.According to the rules of gardening, immediately after planting tomatoes is not necessary to remove all the lower leaves.It is also not necessary to do so in the next 2 weeks.Three weeks later, when the tomatoes have been planted to a permanent place, and their length reached 10 cm, it is possible to break the bottom leaves.Thus, the plant will improve ventilation and thereby decrease the humidity.A fruit and ovary, in turn, get more sun, moisture and nutrients.

wrong choice feeding

If excessive soiling the ground fertilizers that contain a lot of nitrogen in tomato leaves can dry out.Due to the lack of elements such as phosphorus, copper, potassium, calcium tomato leaves begin to curl up in a boat.Also, as a fertilizer manure is undesirable.Its use will lead to the release of ammonia.To cure the damaged leaves, you need to use complex fertilizers.For example, potassium monophosphate or rastvorin.

plant diseases

Diseases such as fusarium wilt, bacterial canker, Verticillium wilt can cause leaf roll in tomato fruit.To prevent this, always observe a certain level of soil moisture, do not let it dry out or, conversely, excessive moisture, make the soil complex fertilizers, protect plants from pests (spider mites, Colorado potato beetle, whitefly, tobacco thrips).