Zamioculcas : how to care ?

Zamioculcas : how to care ?

Zamioculcas is an undemanding plant.Observing proper care at home, Zamioculcas will delight you with its healthy flowering species.Care for this plant include: maintenance of temperature and irrigation norms, as well as proper lighting and fertilization.

temperature and lighting

to growing Zamioculcas normal temperature is 20 C. In winter, the plant is allowed to contain at a temperature of 16 C. The main thing to remember, that even at a temperature of 12 C Zamioculcas can begin to get sick and even die.This plant prefers well-lit room.During summer, you can put Zamioculcas the open space, and in the winter is better to put it closer to the windows located on the south side.But we should not too quickly after the winter to put it in the sun, because it can burn it.

Watering is very important to know how to water Zamioculcas.For it is the best moderate watering.And in the summer the plant should be watered a little more abundant, winter watering should be carried out only after complete dryin

g of the soil.Since Zamioculcas prefers a dry climate, then spray it optional.The ideal situation for the development and growth of the plants in the apartment is over-dried air heating radiators.Therefore, in the winter it will be better positioned on the windowsill above the battery.


necessary throughout the spring and summer to feed Zamioculcas.How to care for plants in this period of time?It should be noted that the Zamioculcas quickly spend the accumulated reserves of nutrients.For his dressing fertilizer suitable for cacti and finished substrates, which can be easily found in specialty stores.Fertilizing should be done carefully calculated portions once a month.Remember that excessive fertilizer plants may lead to his death.The solution to fertilizing is necessary to carefully pour in the pot, so he did not get to the leaves of plants.

Soil and transplant

Every year since the onset of the spring period the plant requires a more thorough care.Flower Zamioculcas be transplanted.The soil for transplantation should be as follows: Mix equal parts of peat, river sand and humus.The pot must be arranged drainage.As the drainage can be used expanded clay, small pebbles or just sand.It should be noted that the old plants can be transplanted less frequently - once every two years.


Find Zamioculcas commercially available seeds is impossible, therefore, its reproduction is carried out vegetatively - planting the sheet.In addition, the method can be used and dividing the bush.It is the most simple and is as follows.The plant must be removed from the pot, and then divide the rhizome, which subsequently is dried and planted in new capacity corresponding to the volume of the rhizomes.As for the vegetative method, it involves the use of "composite sheet", namely sheet Zamioculcas, with the attached bud.Of course, it can be planted and a single sheet, but in this case, the germination process can take a very long time - up to six months.No matter which method you choose, it will be necessary for a few days to dry the sheet.Only after that it will be possible to plant it necessarily in warm soil.Compound leaves should be planted in ordinary soil, suitable for transplantation for Zamioculcas.without leaf buds should be planted in light sandy soil, cover with a bag or a can, but do not forget to periodically ventilate the plant.It should be noted that the compound leaf root much faster after about 50 days.