What vegetables can be breast-feeding ?

What vegetables can be breast-feeding ?

Meals young mom must be very selective.There are many opinions that we should eat everything, and that is not okay, if the mother will eat all foods.Someone, perhaps, will not.But all the children, like adults, are different.Someone from the usual cabbage only become stronger, and the other a baby all night will not give my mother to bed, suffering from gas.Therefore, it is important to stick to your diet, especially in terms of vegetables, and to know exactly what vegetables can be lactating.

What can happen

eat vegetables mum it is necessary in all forms - cooked, fresh, steamed, stewed.But if the mother ate those vegetables that are not recommended during nursing, the child may occur skin rashes, as a minimum.Also allergens can cause a child's tissue swelling, shortness of breath, tears and red eyes.Think about it before you lean on forbidden foods.

Incidentally, the vegetables may not only cause allergies but also increased gas formation in the intestine.The child and so constantly tormente

d with the stomach for any change of weather, and then there's your food.Do not add to it "sharp" sensations, watch out his peaceful sleep, and your way, too.

What can not be used

Now consider what vegetables can be lactating mothers.Doctors definitely of the opinion that you can not eat those vegetables whose skin is red.According to them, the red pigments just cause allergies to various manifestations.It is also not recommended for nursing mothers cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage, they cause increased flatulence.Spicy vegetables are also banned: radish, radishes, turnips, even, horseradish, garlic.Beans and peas, like all legumes, can cause flatulence and abdominal pain, and my mother and the child.You can not abuse the salt, pickled vegetables.Especially refrain from eating cask tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons.They have a lot of salt and there is a huge risk of ingestion of putrefactive microorganisms.

What can eat

Very good to eat potatoes, broccoli, Pekinese, cauliflower, carrots, green bell pepper and yellow, in small amounts is useful onion, as well as all the herbs - parsley, dill, basil.Very useful zucchini, squash, beets.

How to choose vegetables

It is important to stick to one rule.Choose vegetables for feeding only those who grew up in the season of ripening naturally.Vegetables from the greenhouse amplifiers contain many growth and nitrates.The same can be said of vegetables imported from afar.If you buy vegetables that came from other continents, there is no guarantee that they are not treated with special preservatives.Start eating all new for baby vegetables with small portions.If there is no reaction, then gradually increase the volume.And if you notice an allergy, then exclude those vegetables once and for all.

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