How to remove the unlock pattern ?

How to remove the unlock pattern ?

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Removing unlock?

no wonder that owners of smartphones strongly concerned about privacy issues.For a smartphone, as you know, the subject of personal use.Therefore, setting the graphic key - a common thing for the owner of such a device.But what if the graphics lock hangs or you have forgotten what the picture used to unlock your smartphone?Therefore, further consider how to remove the unlock pattern.

Removing unlock: ways

So consider.

Using Google

account data If you have a wireless connection, you can unlock with your Google Account.Just enter your e-mail and password.Prior to this, you may need five times incorrectly entered unlock.After that, the system automatically prompts you to click on the link "Forgot pattern?".Moving on it, you can enter your Google account information.

use adb

There is a special program to unlock pattern, called adb.Just connect your phone via usb to the PC or laptop, enter a specific set of commands.What it is, you can learn

in this manual.Thus you can quickly reset the lock, with no risk to the software.


so-called hard reset is performed by pressing the "Home" button and the volume down swing position.The system will ask you to carry out a hardware reset and after your approval will automatically begin to reset to factory default settings.Remember that the most recently saved files can be deleted.


smartphone, you can use these programs to firmware smartphone as KDZ Updater.On the one hand, these programs have already been tested by many users, but on the other - the producers themselves warned smartphone users that they may cause your device unusable.

So take care, including when you seek the help of professionals, since they, too, are unlikely to give a guarantee that the firmware will be successful.

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