How to remove the ads on Android ?

How to remove the ads on Android ?

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How to remove the ads on Android?

tablets and phones on Android OS are very popular.Due to this the number of applications is growing every day, and most of these applications are free for such devices.But the free apps have one major drawback - the annoying ads.

Advertising irritates many users, but then the developer needs to make a living.Advertising, built-in application, allows him to receive a certain income.But some developers do advertising too obtrusive.That is why many people want to get rid of all this advertising.Let's learn how to remove the ads on Android.

Applications to disable advertising

The easiest and most reliable way to remove the ads on your device running Android OS - install a special application that will disable or remove advertising from applications.But for the normal operation of most of these applications, you must have a Root-law.About how to get Root-right on Android, you can read in this article - How to gain root on Android


AdBlock Plus - an application that is familiar to many PC owners.On personal computers, the program effectively combats unwanted advertising in web browsers.On Android-devices, this application removes the advertising, not only in the browser, but also in other applications.Download and install AdBlock Plus - and you forget about the intrusive and annoying advertising.

The application must Root-law.Once you download and install the application, it will immediately begin work with automatic settings.

AdAway - another program for Android-devices, which, according to the developers, blocks up to 99% advertising.It removes ads from the app and the browser, thus blocking it and on various websites.The program has a special whitelist - if you want, determined advertising will not be blocked.Set "in one click", with all the settings to work effectively exhibited initially.

AdFree - an application similar to the first two, but it is much easier to set up.Actually, it is ready for use immediately after installation.It can not block all the ads, but takes up much less space and requires fewer resources.