How to increase the volume on android ?

How to increase the volume on android ?

All devices that operate on the Android platform, there is one major drawback besides numerous advantages.The phone is quite low volume as when listening to music, and in conversation with interlocutors.But this problem is completely solved, since there are several ways to help you increase the ringer volume on android.

Manual tuning

quiet sound is often a problem connected with the fact that when you pull the phone out of the headphones, the sound stays at the same level that you set up for a comfortable listening experience.To restore the original settings, you need to find in the "Auto Adjust ringer volume" phone.If this mode is disabled, then never change settings without your intervention.To set the phone to play as loud, put mode "in the pocket".

sound volume can also be adjusted by other means.The thing is that some manufacturers intentionally set the volume limit on European standards.Therefore, you need to reset the phone to factory settings, and when he starts to put North America reg

ion.After that, you'll see that there was a check mark in the sound options, with which you can easily go to the normal volume mode.

Installing applications

If you have a quiet android, increase the volume of the speaker can be special applications, in which the sound is regulated by switches.For example, Volume Control program is helping to change the sound and retains all settings.Advanced users are advised to use the app Volume +, which allows you to individually adjust the headphone and headset.


menu How to increase the volume on android in other ways?We recommend using the engineering menu.To access it, you need to dial the phone the following combination: * # * # 3646633 # * # *, in addition there are two other options - * # 15963 # * and * # * # 4636 # * # *.Typing these characters, press the call button.

The engineering menu (Engineer Mode) you will need to select «Audio», then open all kinds of settings for different modes:

  • SPH mode allows you to adjust the sound when communicating on the phone;
  • RING mode associated with the call volume;
  • microphone sensitivity mode adjusts the MIC;
  • games, applications, and the rest of the content can be customized to MEDIA mode.