Which store open?

Trade - one of the most common types of business.However, it is not so easy to identify with what the store to open.This reflection on the subject and will be devoted to this article.

select Options To start it is worth noting that the goods are for individual and industrial consumption.Therefore it is important you choose, your activity will be aimed at a consumer.

Before you decide which store to open in the city, you need to:

  • To monitor the products offered in the city.You may come up with a completely new version of the store, which is in your city yet.Or shop that will feature exclusive items that are in demand in your city, but there are no offers.To do this, you can spend all kinds of surveys, study the online space, go shopping city.
  • assess their capabilities, financial and entrepreneurial.

Perhaps as a result of monitoring you will find out that in your city there are local manufacturers who are in need of any industrial goods (raw materials, auxiliary materials), but in the absen

ce of local suppliers, goods bought in other regions.So you got the idea to open the shop.

In addition, it is not necessary to open a store in the city, because in cities rather tough competition and expensive rent, and in rural areas there is still a shortage of stores, and often for individual consumption goods people have to travel to the city.However, there are pitfalls - just a limited number of users, this problem can be solved by making the mobile shop (trade and in the neighboring villages, villages).

primarily in the selection, with which the goods to open a shop, you need to understand that food stores require more total approvals.But if you are not afraid of difficulties, then this is a great option to the extent that the food always need people, so your revenue will store every day, and quite stable.That is, when choosing a product, which are going to trade, it is necessary to take into account the documentation procedure of registration for the store.

also very important to take into account the seasonality of demand for goods, and the regularity of demand.We all know that different products are bought at different rates, so isolated:

  • FMCG, these include, for example, already mentioned food.
  • seasonal demand goods (sports equipment, clothing, footwear).
  • Goods periodic demand, the demand for products which appears regularly, but periodically, for example, goods for repair.
  • Goods rare demand, here are durable goods, such as household appliances, furniture, various equipment.

not have to be a brilliant financier, to understand that the higher the frequency of the demand, the greater the turnover, the faster your investment will pay off, and the business will be profitable.But it is also important balance of demand and the cost of purchasing a product for sale.If you just can not decide what is best to open the shop, do business plans for several stores, and vote what product to sell profitable.

Ideas opening

shop your store can be a specialized and highly specialized:

  • Food - healthy food stores.
  • Household chemicals and household products - cosmetics shops.
  • art Shop - Shop photographic equipment.
  • Hobby Shop - Shop of fabrics and accessories, or shop for artists.
  • Clothing store - shop underwear, children's clothing store.The latter option is quite advisable, to the extent that children grow very quickly, and they need clothes more often than adults.

Shops, which sell products of different groups is not very common, but still worthy of attention.For example, you can open a clothing store, and it sell household goods (textiles, pottery, paintings).

In addition, it is necessary to provide for the sale of related products, such as:

  • Clothing it can be: accessories, shoes, jewelry.
  • for shoe stores, related products will care cosmetics for shoes and socks.
  • Shop equipment for hairdressers, related products are supplies for hairdressers.
  • store sports equipment and equipment for leisure can be combined with the store sportswear and clothing for outdoor activities.
  • Shop of elite varieties of tea related products: everything you need for tea ceremonies (dishes, sweets).

Plus your store will be the provision of related services:

  • Clothing Store - repair and tailoring.
  • Jewelry Salon - goldsmith services.
  • Photo studio - photo services in the documents.

It is not necessary to provide services in the home, you will find a sub-tenant, which just provides data services, with the added bonus is the savings on rent retail space.

Here are some other ideas for the opening of the store:

  • Gift Store
  • Antique shop
  • Motor Show
  • auto parts store
  • Flower shop
  • Shop for animals
  • Furniture store (both finished and to order)

Once you have decided with what the store is best to open, make a business plan, and evaluate how profitable your business is, and in what period of time it will pay off.To learn how to open a store, you can learn by reading another article of our website by following the link.

Now you have a few ideas, which store open.However, it is a responsible approach to the opening of the store (planning, pricing, demand study).Even if you say what convenient store open misguidance they may lead to the collapse of the business, as well as losses and no profit.