How to open up the market ?

How to open up the market ?

open market business - it is quite troublesome.But, nevertheless, if everything is done correctly, then very advantageous.The main difficulties are at the very beginning, because before you open the market, you must obtain permission.For your convenience, we will present all necessary actions in a strict sequence.Fulfilling them step by step, you will surely be able to do that charted.

What is needed to open the market


Here we are talking about how to obtain registration documents.To obtain a certificate of registration of the market, you need to register the IP or LLC, that is to become a legal entity that has the right to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

business plan Once you have decided to open up the market, we must at least in general terms, imagine that it is for the company and how you plan to earn income (little hint: of course, with the lease trading places).We add only that after all the calculations of investments and payback can be a well-written business plan to

apply to the bank for a loan, if you do not have a capital.

Building permit

Just because it will give you no - you need to have at least a ready market project.The market should be placed on a flat portion of an asphalt.In addition to shopping malls and freestanding kiosks, you must provide a place for storage, as well as under the administrative building and, of course, under the premise for the protection of schedule.

final stage: advertising, rental agreement

After completion of care must be taken to ensure that all facilities comply with the standards of fire safety and sanitation standards.Finally, you are ready to pass trade places for rent.If you do not have enough friends entrepreneurs, a reasonable solution would be to allocate a certain amount on an advertising campaign - and let it be limited to your area, however, as practice shows, the effect of it would be enough to start.

Then mention the advertising you can not think, as the offer you will start to arrive in sufficient quantities - of course, subject to reasonable pricing policies.Pay attention to the preparation of a model contract with the tenants, so that these transactions were concluded without delay.

If you have not yet decided what kind of business to open, we recommend that you read our article What is beneficial to open.