How to open a shop ?

How to open a shop ?

So, you are going to open a store.What it must be remembered?What are the details you need to consider to ensure that your store can make a profit and not losing popularity?For most of us sense in "open shop" the words a little, but only so long as we do not face it.Let's try together to deal with all the difficulties in the way of opening the store.

What to sell in his shop

Still, we'll take this issue first in order of importance.It is necessary to choose the most suitable products for your future store, because open a clothing store or open a grocery store - a big difference.Think need to be your goods to customers (to open auto parts store in the taiga - not the most profitable business), account store competitiveness (open a flower shop next to a huge conservatory ... a little unreasonable, do not you?).Think of the sales method - self-service or over the counter?If it is possible of course.For example, a shop selling electronics about any self-service and speech can not be.

Documents for opening the store

Documentation - a very important point in the process of organizing the work shop.Be prepared mentally: as a rule, all these bureaucratic delays will take a lot of time and nerves will select a car.So, what documents are needed to open a shop?

Regardless of your location (going to open a shop in Ukraine or Russia), be prepared to answer the following questions: the number of founders of your future company, it (company) name, the alleged occupation, tax system, acceptable by you, than provided by your chartercapital - money or property, the name of your general director and chief accountant.

also necessary to obtain certification of registration of a legal entity, a certificate of registration and receipt of VAT.

should also open a bank account (not necessarily state) and make prints of their organization.

Think signboard of his shop.It is, in fact, billboard, and it is also necessary to obtain a permit.Get ready to submit an application, a copy of the certificate of the opening of the company, a thumbnail image (confirmed by your stamp) agreement with the building owner to place signs, as well as the placement card (sometimes may require immediate accommodation places photos).

more you need permits and approvals from the fire, for permission to use the cash register, and all kinds of sanitary conditions of the room and norms of storage and location of the goods ... a lot of things.We advise you to keep your nerves and order a full package of documents to the nearest legal organization.These services will cost you 30-40 thousand rubles a month, and expectations, but my nerves at rest and 100% guarantee the correct execution of all necessary documents.

Well this month it would consider the interior design and the name of your store.Yes, it is difficult, because the name must not only be creative, short and memorable, it should reflect the (little) are the goods sold.Open a children's clothing store and call it Ā«BitRealĀ» ... Of course, easy to remember, and easy to draw a logo: any techno / abstract scribble fit, but there is no association with children's things will not.BitRial - computer club, no more =)

Selection of premises for a shop

is important to consider a few key points:

  • Location: whether the parking spaces as people would be better to pass to the store.
  • size and layout of the premises: eliminate overcrowding in the premises, consider the location of warehouses, offices, shopping malls and so on.
  • Communications: it is vital to be able to easily hold water, heat, electricity, telephone, internet in your room.

By choosing premises should be taken seriously, it is a major step towards the success of your business.


equipment It will depend on the service system, selected earlier, and from the goods sold, of course.If you are going to open a shop for children - it is quite another, not to mention open a pawnshop, for example.Book you need shelves, counters, display cases.Consider the design of equipment and design of the room, nothing should go against the norm, but the beauty of your premises will make customers come back again and again.

Search and selection of suppliers

your suppliers greatly affect the operation of the entire store as a whole.Try to choose a company with a good reputation.The required features for a good provider - this commitment and punctuality.Pay attention to delivery schedules, prices and quality of the delivered goods.Try to maintain good relations with its suppliers, and even to develop them.

Recruitment for

store is necessary to take into account the type of activity of your shop, it would be truer to say that you are selling.On this basis, is already recruiting the staff.Imagine what's in store children's toys have served a man in an expensive suit and simply glasses.Or on the contrary, came into the cabin of the car, as you advised 18-year-old girl with pigtails offsuit and chewing gum in the mouth, which she did not miss the opportunity terribly everywhere "chvyakat".It's funny because, you see?

This seller is bound to be more and adviser, not a silent dummy holding out the goods and withdraw money.There are sellers, as they say, "God", they are able to greatly increase the level of sales in your store.From this perspective, you need to give serious attention to the selection of personnel for your store, better leave this busy professionals.The first in the state will let the manager to work with the public.Subsequently, do not skimp on training for its staff, believe me, it will pay for itself very quickly.


How to open a store and dial the most popular since the early days?Simply, connect here all your creativity, do not be afraid to be funny in someone's eyes, much less think about a possible failure, waiting for you ahead.

Organize large-scale advertising campaign, hang a bunch of posters and banners all over the city, let advertising on TV and radio for a couple of days before the opening, do not forget about the "word of mouth" - just start a rumor about the uniqueness and benefits of your shop.It will also fit and methods of "black PR" - social networks, for example, it is possible to organize mass spam.It will play a bad role, perhaps, but wanting to see a lot of will.If you will make a competent advertising campaign and prepare (all products with 50% discount on the first day, for example), it is possible that your store simply can not cope with the influx of eager customers, you will ensure yourself :)

Now you know howopen your shop, and we wish you good luck in business!