Where to order in bulk packages?

Where to order in bulk packages?

Plastic bags - a very popular product for large and medium-sized firms.For example, they constantly need large retail stores, and packages can be a part of the corporate enterprise style.Order in bulk packages are now not difficult - you can go to any suitable company.

One of the best can be considered of "Poly Pack" in this direction.Here you can order wholesale Any number of required packages of high-density polyethylene.All products are manufactured on modern equipment and complies with state standards.Microbiological and physico-chemical parameters are constantly under the control of the laboratory, as well as a package of technical control department checks.

Types of packages: what to order?

All the plastic bags can be divided into several main types: T-shirts, bags with logos, dense bags, garbage bags, bags with a cut handle, packing bags in rolls or sheets, bags of medical waste.

  1. Bag-shirt with logos - great for large retail chains.For example, any grocery store will require such packag
    es also need them stores of household chemicals and cosmetics, construction shops, etc. The low cost and high strength -.. The main advantages of such packages.Any trading network, making a name for yourself and caring about the image of the company, pay attention to even so, it would seem, at first glance, little things.Bags with the logo, in addition to its primary function, as does non-intrusive advertising.Therefore, in addition to the logo and company name are also encouraged to place a contact phone number and address of the shop.
  2. tight package.Different from packet-shirts smaller size and capacity, as calculated on a smaller number of products.Such packages are often offered, for example, in shops of cosmetics and household products, along with Bag-shirt, when the buyer is more convenient to use a smaller volume.
  3. Garbage bags - an indispensable thing to maintain order and cleanliness in any room.Good garbage bags are highly durable as to withstand various types of garbage, including sharp edges.Using low-pressure polyethylene production process allows to increase the weight carried debris.
  4. Pouches are used for packaging of various products.It differs high strength and low cost.Indispensable for factories and production plants.
  5. bags of medical waste are classified into several types depending on the grade of waste for which they are intended, and the volume in liters.You can order a large shipment of packages that you need: bags Class A (non-hazardous), Class B packages (yellow - dangerous, risky), packets of class B (red - is extremely dangerous), packets of class D (the black - money, drugs, and mercurycontaining equipment).

Decide in which packages are needed for your company, what size and how many - then you can make out a profitable wholesale order.