What is demand ?

What is demand ?

Anyone who starts a business, you want to quickly get the first profit to begin to recoup their costs for the organization of the production process.Therefore it is important to approach the process correctly and to start with the business plan.In it you will prescribe basic costs, expected profit, determine the tax system, take into account your own benefit and means for development.Therefore it is very important to understand what is in demand in your area to make a bet on one product or service, which is absolutely will be popular, and the client will go exactly to you.Consider how to determine what is in demand.


demand Wherever you live, in your municipality has a trade department, where there is sales data for several years.Of course, you will not give him a reason.But you can find these numbers in the statistical reports that are published in newspapers and on Web sites.You just need a good search.In this report you'll see what sales leaders in recent years.That this direction and it

is possible to do.But keep in mind that "a piece of cake," you will need to win the competition.If you take a job in the industry is growing slowly, the competition you will have a lot less, but also for sales opportunities will also be a little bit.In any case, you will have to work hard.

To study the demand, you can chat with friends, relatives, acquaintances, friends.Ask them what is missing in their lives, specify the most popular answer.That is the case, and must be dealt with, the demand is already there.

Pyramid Maslow

Determine what is now there is a demand, you can also on the basis of data Maslow's hierarchy of needs.If you do not know what it is, explain.Draw a triangle, divide the horizontal lines on the 5 segments.In the largest segment of the ground should write something without which man can not live - food, water, air.In the second list the safety factors: a solid house, security, security.In the third social factors - communication with people in the society guarantees.The fourth would express factors: Creative arts, favorite work, professionalism.And in the small upper segment are located needs to recognize the manifestations of genius and knowledge of the universe.

So, the lower will be located is what you do, the better it will be sold.If a person is not eating, I do not want him to know the universe?Therefore, the bread will always be in demand, and telescopes - very piece goods that you sell 1 unit per year.

Examples of the most popular products and services

Very popular is always the production of food products, especially high-quality and inexpensive.This ratio is the most important thing for the buyer.In the sale of food plays an important role another factor.Your products will be more popular than others, if your store will be close to homes, that is within walking distance to the buyers.If your bread is sold in the country, no matter how cheap it was not all the same buyers, you will have enough.

Also very popular is all that makes it safe and comfortable accommodation in the homes of people - renovation of premises, security, video surveillance, home goods, household appliances and its repair.

always were and are indispensable funeral services.And they rarely save people.It also noted and catering services, organization of festivals, places of cultural rest.