How to build a store ?

How to build a store ?

For many people their own business - a great way to become a master of yourself and increase your earnings.According to article 263 of the Russian Federation, any landowner has the right to build a store on the site, as well as other buildings.But in order for this structure could act as a store, it will be necessary to gather the required documents.How to obtain necessary documents and build a beautiful store, you will learn from this article.

Documentation required

  1. If your site relates to the settlement of the land or on the guest house, you will need to store separate from the living area surveying.This rule spelled out in the Federal Law 172-F3.
  2. Then you will need to register a separate ownership.To start the appropriate application must be submitted to the local authorities.Once the documents are in your hands, you need to visit FUEUZUKK (Federal Office of unified registration of land plots, Cadastre and Cartography), which will record in a single register.Then FUGRTS (Federal Office of s
    tate registration center) for each of the sites, which have turned out in the process of disengagement, you will draw up a separate ownership.
  3. After that will have to turn to the architect with the appropriate license for the drafting of project documentation, sketch the future of the store and its communications.Before visiting architect, you should determine the materials for the construction.These documents together with the application must be submitted to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning.These acts of harmonization is necessary to endorse in the FEZ, municipal district offices, fire protection district and the city administration.
  4. After completing all levels you will be given permission to build and make the building passport.Both documents need to endorse in the local administration institutions.
  5. Now you have the right to build a store.On completion of the need to organize the introduction of the building into operation and to register in FUGRTS.
  6. After obtaining the status of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, as well as licenses, permits SEZ and local administrations can begin to trade.

How much it is to build a store?

When planning the construction budget, remember that the construction itself will take you about 30% of the total funds.The rest of the money needed to obtain permits, purchase of goods, trade equipment, etc.

Perhaps the most viable option for construction material -.. Sandwich panels.They consist of two layers of carcass construction material, which is located between the insulation.Due to this structure, sandwich panel provides good thermal insulation, which means you will not need to spend large sums for heating the room.Between an individual panels are glued hot or cold pressing.Built one building does not require additional exterior and interior, which greatly reduces costs and speeds up the construction process.

build a store of sandwich panels - it's not just the budget, but also aesthetically pleasing.A variety of textures and colors enable organically fit structure made of such materials in any terrain.

Many companies offer ready architectural solutions, which cost starts from 250 000 rubles.