What documents to open the store?

What documents to open the store?

If you decide to open a shop, you need to prepare the documents for you or it can make the professionals who will save your time.For those who want to do it yourself, consider what the necessary documents needed to open a shop.But you first need to figure out how to be called store, what kind of trade he will do what the tax system will be for this type of activity as the number of founders.First of all, it is necessary to check the documents for compliance.In trading activities require a permit or certificate, which records the registration in the commercial register of the total.The certificate is designed for three years.

Required documents

Thus, the package of documents for opening of the store should contain:

  • First of all, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of state registration of the legal entity to receive INN.
  • certificate that a legal entity has been registered with the tax authority.
  • Codes of the State Statistics Committee, depending on the type of activity.
  • certificate of ownership or lease.
  • Documents confirming the right to property or premises for rent of these premises.
  • Conclusion FEZ.In this case, it will be necessary to provide the required documents to the Federal Service: an application, a certificate of registration of the company, consumer goods, medical records staff, sanitary book on the subject, certificates for products, the contract for garbage disposal.
  • In order to obtain the opinion of fire control, you need to write an application, provide a certificate of registration of the company, the floor plan, the lease premises or documents of title, a contract for the installation of the alarm in case of fire, and the insurance policy.It is also necessary to assign an employee responsible for fire safety.
  • If you have cash registers, they must have permission, which was also issued in the presence of relevant documents.

If you decide to open a grocery store, in addition to the above, will require a number of necessary documents.Consider what other documents are needed to open a grocery store.

package of documents for the grocery store

  • plan for carrying out control over the observance and implementation of preventive measures.The plan must be approved by the Sanitary Inspection of the RF.
  • contract for carrying out activities of disinfection and disinfestation of works on.
  • in accordance with sanitary regulations and laws of the Russian Federation "On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of population" and "On quality and safety of" food. "
  • The store should be the text of the law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights.
  • a prominent place should be number FSB phones, police, emergency, GO.
  • In trading floor must have information about the Second World War service members and military operations.
  • The store must also be rules, according to which authorized the sale of certain types of goods, including alcoholic beverages, which should also have a license.
  • Certificates group of products subject to this procedure.
  • Datasheet POS, a contract for the maintenance and the cashier log.
  • certificate required to check the balance.
  • The store room must be a book in which customers can write down their complaints, wishes and thanks.It must assure the district administration.

As can be seen, the documents for the opening of the store products, presented quite a large list.Therefore, to facilitate their fate, it is better to turn to lawyers who have experience in the preparation of such a package of necessary documents.

Documents for children's shop

Products for children is always in demand, so if your solution - to open a shop for children, need to know what documents to open a children's store is needed.

  • take the constituent documents of the company.
  • permission from local authorities.
  • Documentation FEZ.

Now you know what documents to open the shop are especially needed.This will allow you to organize your business correctly.