What are plastic bags better?

What are plastic bags better?

Conventional plastic bags are irreplaceable in everyday life, as they are a popular promotional products for many companies, because this piece expresses the company's corporate style.All packages can be divided into several groups, each of which has a specific purpose.The following species can be distinguished: T-shirts, bags, heavy bags, bags with a cut handle, waste, packaging, bags of medical waste.

Types of plastic bags

If you want to engage in the production of these products (which will be in demand for a long time due to its popularity), or a representative of the company that needs plastic bags, then you might want to learn more about the types of packages and their appointment.

  1. Bag-shirt - can be produced with the logos of the most popular type for the maintenance of the company's corporate identity.Most often, they bought food, cosmetics and construction, and so on shops -.. That is, large retail outlets wishing to make a name for himself.These packages are characterized by high str
    ength and low cost.
  2. tight package perform the same function as T-shirts, bags, but are smaller and thicker layer of polyethylene.They are popular in the shops of household chemicals and cosmetics, for most people there are buying fewer goods, so large amounts are not needed.
  3. Pouches need plants and factories for the packaging of various products.The main criteria for evaluating the quality of these packages - their durability and high resolution.
  4. Garbage bags are needed in any room where clean and tidy.Good garbage bag must be very strong to withstand the weight of the waste, and not break, for example, from the sharp edges of recyclable cans.In today's manufacturing are available packages that can move large masses of debris transported by using a low-pressure polyethylene.
  5. packages intended for medical waste.They are classified into specific types of waste, depending on the classes and the volume in liters.So, release class A (the waste is not hazardous to health and life), Class B (hazardous waste are indicated in yellow), Class B (highly hazardous waste are indicated in red), class F (this includes, drugs and anything that containsmercury, denoted in black).

Find out all the necessary information on the required form of packets, and then it will be possible to make a large bulk order in the company concerned, determine the size, color and number of the desired products.