Marketing tricks needed for the production of daily use

Marketing tricks needed for the production of daily use

What moves us in the selection of such simple things as deodorant, toilet paper, feminine hygiene agents or shaving foam?Men can choose and on a whim, focusing on the price or the advice of friends.With women more difficult, their choice based on other criteria, sometimes the most controversial.

manufacturers of these products not only need to know all the requirements, the choice of the details of its immediate customers, but also to try to break out of a number of competitors, who produce the same product.This can be achieved in different ways.

Marketers have a wide range of proposals in this regard.Today, however, the lead customer surveys.At the same time this process takes place on the Internet to save time and entrepreneur and the customer.Most often, this study takes a day and gives stunning results.

For example, manufacturers of deodorants posted a questionnaire to customers in a special area.By the way, a lot of accommodation options: a specific site, service, or personal page producer

is very popular now, social networks.The questionnaire listed several criteria for which the client opted for a particular deodorant.

It turned out that the majority of respondents are not worried about the price, do not smell and even the stability of the flavor, and the composition of the deodorant.The requirements were as follows: do not spoil things and leaves no traces on them.

Manufacturers listened to the opinion of consumers.This product was launched on the market, it has been gaining popularity and appreciation of the audience.

A year ago, a survey was conducted of toilet paper for both men and women.It would seem that there can come up with - is the most common product and related after market goods.However, buyers are interested in the topic, the study is successful, and entrepreneurs have received a new idea - paper and bush should be easy to flush the toilet.

to another survey attracted respondents from Russia and the CIS.This time it was an ideal foam for shaving.The sample did in the first case among men.Respondents voted that the foam had a pleasant, stable texture and, preferably, a kind of "finish" - a chill on her cheeks.

A beautiful half of humanity has been queried on the subject of feminine hygiene products.Here, in the first place out criteria such as compactness, natural materials and hypoallergenic products.

Thus surveys have helped not only to identify the preferences of buyers, but also to conduct preliminary testing prior to market products.And this is a strong competitive advantage, agree.