Wedding Salon : how to open ?

Wedding Salon : how to open ?

wedding, for some women is practically the most important event in my life.Every bride wants to be a queen on her wedding, because it is her birthday, and he is, ideally, it will never happen again.Therefore, the choice of dress, women come very seriously.Many people forget about the economy, because in this case is not to count the money.This all leads to the fact that such a solemn event becomes a great business for enterprising people.

Wedding Salon: how to start their own business

To date, bridal shops not only sell dresses or rent them.Available have accessories for every taste, crystal glasses and much more.Some bridal salons are engaged even organization of all celebrations.

order to start their own business in this area, you will need start-up capital, the desire and great diligence.The result is a highly stable return and relatively quick payback.

Opening bridal salon: difficulties

  • In recent years this area has opened considerable competition,
  • In winter, the number of marriages l
    ess than in summer and autumn.That is, there is a seasonal business.
  • Due to the seasonal bank will be difficult to get a reduction in loan sales.

starting capital

Each prospective entrepreneur, just thinking, "I want to open a bridal salon" immediately wonders about the starting capital.How much will it cost a business?In each case, the volume of investments will be different.It depends on what you want to open.What type of cabin you will have what you are pursuing the strategic objectives in the region which opens and etc.But in any case, you need at least $ 1,500.If you want to buy the premises, and not take it out, it will not cost you one thousand dollars.Is it profitable to open a bridal salon?In spite of all waste - yes, if you approach this matter with the mind.

Article spending and investment

  • Buying or renting premises.
  • repair facilities (mostly cosmetic).
  • Purchase of goods (first installment: clothes, accessories, etc.).
  • equipment.
  • Wages staff.
  • Funds for sales promotion and advertising.
  • Other expenses.

When choosing a legal form of organization, entrepreneurs often stop at the company or entrepreneur.It makes no sense to complicate all the BPA, as the main clientele - are individuals.Choosing LLC, you agree to be responsible only for fixed capital.

Documents required:

  • Statement on behalf of the head.
  • Constituent documents (a passport of a new organization with all the details, a copy of the charter, a copy of the institution of the contract, a copy of the certificate of state registration of legal entities).
  • copy of the certificate that you are standing on the tax records.
  • copy of the letter from the State Statistics Committee.
  • registration card Copy of the CMC.
  • copy of the tenancy agreement.
  • A copy of the "About sanitary norms" from the Sanitary Inspection Center.
  • copy assortment list agreed with the Sanitary Inspection.
  • passport BTI.
  • contracts with utilities (copy),
  • passport for the right to install outdoor advertising.

Business plan for opening the bridal salon

  • room.It is best to rent a room in a public place, in the heart of the city.Very well, if there is more good showcase.As an alternative, you can remove the space in the large shopping center.Experts say that it is much more profitable.You will need at least 30 square meters.m. area.The average price for a "square" - 1500 rubles.If your product range is quite wide, it will need more space.
  • equipment.You will need the same equipment as in other stores.The main thing is make sure that it is functional and quality.
  • assortment.Your success depends on well-chosen assortment.Clearly work through this point and think advertising their products.
  • staff.If a small salon, the owner himself can deal with all the questions, otherwise, the administrator needs the room.

This is a sample wedding salon business plan.Download more detailed you can always online.