What is profitable to sell ?

What is profitable to sell ?

With the transition of our country to a market economy concept has disappeared deficit.Initially, while the domestic industry was recovering due to the change of the economic system, the market was filled with imported products, including even food.Over time, the market has become dominated by domestic goods produced resuscitated industry.This product was able to compete even with foreign counterparts.

Currently, the market is so saturated with various products, that when you open your store is difficult to determine the order that profitable to sell.After fierce competition in the market, and seriously compete with the same vendor that implements the similar products at lower prices.In addition to successful trading is necessary to choose the right shop profile.Therefore, at the beginning of the organization of the business need to understand which category of goods for yourself you will be selling

increased demand Goods

all known since the course of the economy, that the existence of demand

increases the supply.In other words, the production of goods that are in high demand, trying to master every company that specializes in a particular product.The same applies to the profile of the shop, because every seller wants to sell only those products for which there is the highest demand.Absolutely determine what goods profitable to sell, it is impossible due to the existing competition and abstract question.It all depends not only on the demand for goods, but also on how the seller will present it to the buyer.Therefore, at the opening of the shop is to take care of qualified personnel.


If the store is located in a place where there is crowded every day, then you can safely do his grocery.Food will always be in demand, as it is essential goods, and where there is always a large flow of people, the competition is not so terrible.

Personal hygiene products and clothing

From all that can be profitable to sell, personal care products occupy the second position, ahead of even the clothes.Clothing takes its honorable third place, it is, of course, vital to human, but personal care products are purchased on a daily basis.But clothes are not more often than once a quarter, with a focus on seasonality.

household goods

followed by clothes and household items.This category includes kitchenware, furniture, appliances and household stuff, sometimes not even used, but simply gathering dust in a corner or on a shelf.


impossible to determine the position of mobile phones and other portable electronics, but that is exactly what is now profitable to sell, despite the high competition.This is due to the constantly updated technology.I noticed that yesterday's advanced smartphone owners rush to exchange them for today's more sophisticated models.

Sales online

With the development of Internet existence of online shopping is becoming more urgent.Internet users often make purchases online, and some only and buy all the necessary things.

Of those products that profitable to sell on the Internet, there are several groups of products:

  • leading position has been selling a variety of computer software.The software is constantly updated to computer hardware, it resulted in high demand for software.
  • With regard to the actual product, the second most profitable goods for sale through the Internet acts clothes.
  • But personal hygiene pushed to the third place.Why online to get all the way around, it is difficult to explain.
  • fourth position securely holds the digital and electronic engineering.Buy online store of digital technology notebook or camera, you can pay less than in stores, even taking into account the cost of delivery.This implies a high demand on the Internet in a similar technique.
  • All other products home use as medicines, books, a DVD-ROM drive is not considered a particularly advantageous offer.But, nevertheless, they exist in developing and selling web, and thus also generate revenue.